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  1. Miss JoDee
  2. JayOkie
    Update your status...
  3. mommyof2g1b
    Loving this unusually warm weather in GA this February day. How is everyone else?
  4. DawnSu
    helloto all...
  5. jampss
    jampss Lana
  6. Gingerbug
    Real heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.
  7. jampss
    jampss MrsSoup
    I like your colorful tree avatar!
  8. Miss JoDee
    Miss JoDee Lana
    I just saw your message while checking in to see if we were actually going to do the exchange or not. I am so glad we are. I would like to surprise Jessica if we can. I think it will give a little lift right when she needs it. I will help with the postage to mail it to her.

    I am still at the same address 37208 N Shirley Dr. Gurnee, IL 60031.
  9. jampss
    Resting up from having a basal cell skin cancer removed from my nose.
  10. Miss JoDee
    Miss JoDee teachermomof2
    Lisa, I want to encourage you with your position as a Union Rep. I was an at will employee at my school for 12 yrs. and was put in a position that would set me up to fail and then dismissed. Long story short I retired.1I did not have a union rep able to fight for my job. So when it get ridiculous and unfathomable think about what you are able to do for your co-worker that has a union to turn to.
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  11. jampss
    jampss SparkleNana
    I hope your Christmas 2016 was merry. I was always touched by your stories and encouragement. Blessings.
  12. Ahorsesoul
    Ahorsesoul missjane
    Sending you get well wishes.
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  13. jampss
    So, Hi all!! Gee, I leave and come back ... and everything has changed! I'm lost! LOL Looks pretty, though.
  14. MelissaJan
    Everything is possible!
  15. jyclassy
    I go to New posts and reply on ones I want but notice it's not a new topic after all. Can't get use to the new forum changes.
  16. Skippy1707
    Its beginning to feel a lot like ............
  17. Jeff Westover
    Jeff Westover
    Scouting things to clean up...
  18. snowqueen
    snowqueen SparkleNana
    Sparklenana, Please comeback. You are really missed,especially by many of your old friends here. Dorene
  19. Doodlebug
    Doodlebug halimer

    I forgot to add my e-mail. It is
  20. Doodlebug
    Doodlebug halimer
    Count me in on the Valentine Exchange. Here is my info:

    Debbie Mote
    P.O.Box 94
    Morrison, OK 73061

    Thanks for doing this. It has been on my mind lately.