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Discussion in 'Christmas Magic' started by AuntJamelle, Dec 28, 2016.

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    The shoe box is good..I just use a gallon zip lock..when it's full I know the stocking will be to for the most part. Each family member has their own ziplock and then I just keep them in a bag in my closet. now that my daughters not home, I probably don't have to hide it Maybe I'll find a new spot for it.
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  2. sweetpumkinpye

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    I use something similar to a shoe box. I use empty lidded photocopying paper boxes. They are solid and can be stacked. I have one for each stocking (6).
    We do Santa sacks instead of stockings so these boxes can hold quite a lot.
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  3. MinnieCo

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    I like the little box idea...I may be able to leave them out that way to. Dang, they had some super cute ones at Micheal's this year for super cheap. I'm going to keep that in mind. Thanks Katrina!
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    I don't think it is too late to do a recap! Excuse the rambling and lack of organization in this post. It reads kind of like my memories of the holidays!! lol :p

    I've just completed an entire year at my new job this past December so I now know how much work impacts my home life.

    For work I shopped early at the dollar store for Christmas decorations. I will be adding to them next year. The decorations were greatly appreciated by my office. I'm now on the party planning committee so I expect I'll have more input as to Secret Santa, holiday parties, etc.

    At home, we got our decoration totes ready for me to put up Thanksgiving weekend. I had already put my normal seaside knicknacks away when I cleaned the week before so I was ready to go with Christmas. Will do that again.

    However, half our tree lights were out and DH insisted he could find the broken bulbs. He could not fix them so he cut the strands off, leaving the top strand on which still worked. Two weeks later, with a dark bare tree in the corner due to our busy work schedules, I finally purchased some strings of lights and had the most gorgeous light-filled tree decorated in a few hours. Of course the top strand went out a week later so I ran right to Big Lots and threw a small strand on.

    The month of December I had new work duties which included traveling to communities to work at staff holiday parties in the evening or afternoon. There were 3 alone the week before Christmas. Next year I will be expected to travel to the east coast for my region, including down in southeast FL where there are 4 of my communities. So it will be interesting! I was very happy to be involved with this, the staff do a wonderful job at taking care of the residents and it was my pleasure to serve them. They were happy to see corporate staff at their parties, and even hugged us to thank us as they left.

    This year we had my nephew's wedding the weekend before Christmas in Austin. This was an expensive event in both time and money. No gifts exchanged with my siblings, except some small gifts of cash to nieces and nephews.

    Baking - I love to bake, but DH shouldn't be eating sweets and since I wasn't sending to relatives except for my kids, I baked for work, which was a huge success. I made a few different coffee cakes which were amazing, and did pumpkin muffins, several types of cookies. I brought something in each week. I also brought a small package of my sister's favorite cookies to Austin. After Christmas I baked since I had time off and brought more cookies down to the beach last week.

    Gifts - I had shopped early in December for clothes for DH since he lost so much weight. I ended up having to go back and exchange all of them since I had to get smaller. I didn't wrap anything until Christmas morning!

    My early shopping included work secret Santa gifts so that was good, except I was wrapping those the day before I had to bring them in. We had food drives, toy drives and personal care item drives at work too so I picked up a few things here and there. I also have to plan for gifts for my immediate office, which I didn't think about until a day or two before the holiday break. Luckily I had found some little gifts for my supervisor in my early shopping that just reminded me of her. She told me she almost cried when she opened them so I did a good job. Sometimes you go with your gut and it works!

    I ended up emailing Amazon gift cards to my DD and DS which they were happy with. And sent them cookies which they loved.

    Cards - I only sent a few, and we only received a couple. Will need to be more organized for next year. As far as mailing stuff to the kids, DH did all the post office runs thankfully as I did not have time. They got their stuff before Christmas! Hoping I will be able to send stuff out to the extended family next year.

    With my traveling and hectic work schedule I ended up getting sick Thursday before Christmas and was sick right up until Monday after. We were able to get to the store on Christmas eve and cobble together a festive meal for both days.

    As for cooking dinner, I actually had time over the holidays to make a few meals. Usually with my long hours and DH working at nights, we are lucky if we can grab a quick bite somewhere. And with his strict diet I have to really plan what I cook so I need to work on this.

    I was able to do a few crafts this year (adding to the general mess of the house!) and even won third place in the wreath decorating contest at work. I am going to try and work on some crafts throughout the year. Really had no time in December, and I would like to make time this year since I enjoy it.

    Next year there are many unknowns. If my sister is living at the beach I would like to celebrate with her. I would love us to spend Christmas in Germany with my DD next year or the following year. DS is hoping to move back to FL next August and would be in town for the holidays.

    As far as work goes, I will be planning a director's meeting in November with my team (first one we have to do is this May). Then traveling for staff parties. Not to mention the regular long work hours. And all the extra holiday fun.

    My goals for next year would be to have the house clean, my tree up, and cookies baked. These were pretty difficult this year, lol.

    I also need to make time to get on MHH more, reading everyone's lists, ideas, and plans are really inspiring. It has been such a stressful hard year in 2016, learning a new demanding industry and trying to prove myself that any spare time was spent sleeping or spending time with DH, lol.
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  5. jampss

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    I agree. Reading everyone's lists and ideas is very inspiring.

    Christmas was very nice and very different this past year. We told DD24 and DS13 that we were just doing modest gift giving after having the expense of four months of therapy away from home with DS. They are older now and they were cool with that. And what they received was appreciated.

    DD24 was spending the the holiday at her boyfriend's, so we celebrated early with her.

    My sis and I decided to scale down the gift giving as we all have enough "stuff". My DNiece23 was also spending the holiday away from home with her boyfriend.

    So, DH and I thought lets do Christmas activities instead. DH, I, and DS went to my sister's in St. Augustine the week end before Christmas and went downtown to the Nights of Lights! Got hot chocolate, walked around the fort and St. George St shops. We stayed over and had breakfast together just chatting and visiting. Very nice!

    On Christmas morning, after a few gift exchanges, we went to see a movie! Star Wars!

    I did make cookies and ate too many! I did wrapping of few things early enough. The decorating is always on Friday after Thanksgiving. This was our fourth year of going to the tree farm, all four of us, to cut down a tree ... another activity! I haven't sent cards out now in two year.

    Next year, I would like us to go see a play or music event for Christmas. They have a nice theater house here ... should go see A Christmas Carol!
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  6. Lana

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    I like the box ideal too.

    We did pretty well but could wrap alittle earlier.

    Teigan does not need quite as many gifts---we will on that

    Need to prepare for some more games for Christmas Eve.
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    We are in Florida also, and I believe a friend of mine was in St. Augustine around Christmas. We're a few hours away, but this is something I would definitely love to do this year. We're only in FL a few years, it just doesn't feel like Christmas here...I think we would really love this!
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    One thing that I need to think about this year.
    Every year we do a special Christmas Eve dinner and then a few hours later do our Christmas Eve basket and movies. We are always too full from dinner to enjoy the movie.
    This year because Christmas Eve is a Saturday, we will have a special lunch a bit later in the afternoon and then do the basket.

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