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  1. Miss JoDee
    Miss JoDee cmerth
    Hi Carrie,

    I have not seen you on the boards lately. I checked your blog and saw it was no longer active. I are you doing okay? I know you have a graduation and family reunion in plans. Please drop in and let us know how you are doing.
  2. housewife2
    housewife2 piratemamaof3boys
    sent my info did you recive it ? thanks
  3. jampss
    It's almost fall y'all!
  4. PamelaG
    PamelaG Jeff Westover
    Message below continued - I know that you are a volunteer and like all volunteers, probably have many more demands on your time that the time itself. Is there a way any of the regular members can help you with the Admin tasks?
  5. PamelaG
    PamelaG Jeff Westover
    Hello Jeff,

    When I posted the spam report in Help Please this morning, I glanced over to the right-hand column and was surprised to see that there are 2303 members of this group. I don't know that more than a quarter of that amount post regularly and I was wondering what kind of spot checking was done to keep spammers out and to make sure that people who ask to join are legitimate Christmas lovers.
  6. jampss
    Enjoying the cool February weather in FL!
  7. jampss
    jampss Lana
  8. jampss
    jampss Lana
  9. jampss
    Happy New Year 2018 y'all!!
  10. jampss
    Enjoying the almost end of 2017 with family
  11. piratemamaof3boys
    Wishing I was at Disney, dreaming about Christmas
  12. Skippy1707
    Finally able to use a computer again....
  13. jampss
    Started radiation treatment on my nose.
  14. Miss JoDee
  15. JayOkie
    Update your status...
  16. mommyof2g1b
    Loving this unusually warm weather in GA this February day. How is everyone else?
  17. DawnSu
    helloto all...
  18. jampss
    jampss Lana
  19. Gingerbug
    Real heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.
  20. Miss JoDee
    Miss JoDee Lana
    I just saw your message while checking in to see if we were actually going to do the exchange or not. I am so glad we are. I would like to surprise Jessica if we can. I think it will give a little lift right when she needs it. I will help with the postage to mail it to her.

    I am still at the same address 37208 N Shirley Dr. Gurnee, IL 60031.