2022 - HHP - Week 4 - Closet to Home

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Sep 12, 2009
Week 1 - Planning and Paperwork
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Week 4 - Close to Home
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This Week's Focus: Kid's Room or Bonus Room
With school in full swing, what better time to turn attention to children's bedrooms? Clearing clutter, assessing wardrobes and creating space for holiday gifts will mean a calmer, more centered life for your little one.

No children in the household? Use this week to work on a bonus area or room in your home ... or just play catch-up (or hooky!)

In holiday prep, we'll address the "state of the house" with a home spruce-up exercise. It's designed to help you identify realistic and attainable home improvement goals around the house as you prepare for Christmas.

And don't miss the last clearance sales in the back-to-school aisle! Heavily discounted craft supplies, gadgets and school goodies make great stocking stuffers!

This Week's Household Checklist:
  • Declutter, clean and organize children's rooms. A pre-season toy declutter will make room for gifts to come--and with fall's cooler weather at hand, children will need space for indoor play and homework. Once the room is decluttered and cleaned, work with your child to create efficient storage for pared-down possessions.
  • No children in your household? Tackle any bonus room or area this week--or take the week off!

This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist:
  • Seasonal Spruce-Up exercise. Complete the seasonal spruce-up exercise to plan any pre-holiday home improvements. It'll help you make a realistic list of home improvement chores to complete before the holiday season gets underway.
  • Declutter children's toys. Work with your child to reduce clutter in the toy closet. Assessing the remaining toys will help you make good choices as you shop for gifts--or give Christmas gift recommendations to Nana and Grandma!
  • Begin collecting stocking stuffers. Use a stocking stuffers inventory to remind you about stocking gifts on hand.
  • Hit the back-to-school clearance sales. After-season sales are a great source for stocking stuffers and crafts supplies. Check your wrap and mail checklist, too; don't forget to load up on tape, mailing supplies and scissors at bargain prices!
  • Consult the kids and decide on Halloween costumes. Schedule any sewing sessions in good time to be completed by October 10. Halloween is closer than you think!
  • Think ahead to family Advent celebrations. Look for creative ways to make the season come alive at the library or on the Web. Order any day-by-day materials or Advent calendars now.
  • Start working on Christmas cards or letters. Divide the Christmas card list into five sections. Complete one section this week. Goal: to be finished writing, signing and addressing cards by November 15.
  • Take note of birthdays and anniversaries. While addressing Christmas cards and hunting for gift ideas, it's natural for thoughts of loved ones to come to mind. Add a Birthdays and Anniversaries Calendar to the House & Holidays Planner. As you write cards, note your loved one's special days. It'll remind you to send cards and letters throughout the year!

What are you going to do this week?


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Oct 14, 2007
Central Wisconsin
So glad to be back to the beginning of a new week! Last week ended up being much busier than I had anticipated. This will be catch up week for me. The last few have been crazy. This week I will be working through my fly lady, freezing a few meals and putting my garden to bed for the winter. The garden will take the longest.
I only have to go to my daughter’s once this week, she lives 2 1/2 hours away. The last few weeks I’ve had to go down two or three times during the week put that together with working part time two days a week it’s filled up my days. Have a great week everyone!


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Oct 18, 2007
My Happy Place
This week I will work in DD's old bedroom which is now my storage/laundry room.

vacuum & mop floors, clean light fixture, washing window & curtain - done
clean storage shelf - done

create stocking stuffer list

seasonal spruce up exercise
put aside storage tote for gifts
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Sep 12, 2009
I am quite behind due to a festival that I worked at last week through Sunday. This week I'm going to catch up on the general housework and see what I can get done off the Holiday Prep Checklist. At this point, no major events requiring huge chunks of my evenings and/or weekends are in the foreseeable future. I think I can catch up in a few weeks time.

Holiday Prep Checklist:
  • Seasonal Spruce-Up exercise. I have been doing this in the summer when dh and I usually have the time to work on things. This summer I was unable to get to it because of classes. I will make a list. If we don't get to it this fall, then it will be a jumpstart to the spring maintenance.
  • Make a stocking stuffer list and begin to buy.
  • Start working on Christmas cards or letters.
Still to do:
  • Check on Christmas cards, gift wrap, bows, ribbons, Christmas stamps, etc.
  • Order cards and stamps as needed.
  • Start working on decorating gift bags. I have a ton of brown kraft paper gift bags that I want to use for Christmas gifts.
  • Put weekly self-care time on the calendar beginning Week 9.
  • Find boxes to store gifts.
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Sep 12, 2009
This week I thought I was going to get stuff done, but no, nada, nothing but putting something on the calendar got done this week. I've been going to bed early, trying to catch up on sleep all week long. I could just about stay awake from working a 20 hour shift on Saturday/Sunday. I'm feeling hopeful for next week. :)


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Nov 4, 2007
Yes - what is going on? We are ALL so busy! Trying to think if it is usually this busy right now or is this a weird year? This Empty Nester thing is not turning out to be as quiet and calm as I thought it would be. Hopefully that will kick in at some point. :) Master Bedroom will continue slowly as hubby builds the new cabinet. The kids are gone at college and I do have some stuff to box up and send to them. That will hopefully happen by Monday, otherwise it will need to wait until I'm back in town. Might pull some of their outgrown items but for the most part they'll need to go through their stuff on on their own now. Maybe I'll "box" things for them that I know they don't need, but I won't get rid of the boxes. Then they can experience the awesomeness of having more space instead of clutter. This applies mostly to DD. DS would throw away all physical items and just live in a digital world if he could. As long as he has soft pillows and blankets. :)
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