2022 - HHP - Week 6 - Wardrobe Week

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Sep 12, 2009
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We are one third of the way through HHP!

This Week's Focus: Clothing Care Areas and Clothes Closets
Catching up on the clothes closet is our focus this week, and it's high time! With Autumn bringing cooler weather and the holidays ahead, it's time to assess our family's wardrobe.

While we're focused on clothing, we'll also clean, declutter and organize any areas devoted to clothing care. Whether it's a laundry area, a sewing corner or clothing storage, this week will see us clean and organize the areas where we care for clothing.

In holiday prep, we'll think ahead to "Secret Santa" or classroom gifts, focus on gift ideas for family members and begin catalog shopping.

This Week's Household Checklist
  • Tackle family clothes closets. With cooler weather on the way, a seasonal clothes closet declutter is in order. Make room for holiday finery as you sort and toss summer's stained garments.
  • Declutter, clean and organize clothing care areas. From laundry room to sewing basket, it's time to make a clean sweep of clothing care areas. Declutter the laundry room, then clean and organize any other household area devoted to clothing care. Make it easy to do the wash, press a dress or sew on a dangling button ... fast!

This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist
  • Check family wardrobes. Time for a pre-holiday wardrobe check! Fill out the family wardrobe worksheet, and put any "To Buy" items on your shopping list.
  • Plan photo outfits. Check condition and fit for family photo outfits. Save time and tears on photo day!
  • Update individual "gift suggestion" lists for each family member. As you check wardrobes, record current clothing sizes, colors and preferences on the Gift Idea Planner form for each family member. Up-to-date information means fewer gift returns on December 26th!
  • Clear out the coat closet. Colder weather plus holiday guests can make for cramped quarters in the family coat closet. Add extra hangers, and make space for guests' coats, hats and umbrellas.
  • Brainstorm ideas for Secret Santa or 12 Days exchanges. Workplace, school or social group gift exchanges should be small and sweet. Brainstorm gift ideas now.
  • Begin shopping catalogs or the Internet. Ordering early pays off if you shop online or through catalogs. Begin now to spread the financial burden of gift-giving and build up reserves in the gift closet.
  • Continue working on Christmas cards Divide the Christmas card list into five sections. Complete one section this week--then check progress against the goal. You should be more than half-way there ... and on track to finish before November 15.

What's on your list this week?


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Sep 12, 2009
The house is decorated for Halloween. The temperatures have been cooler. I'm looking forward to bringing out the warm sweaters and blankets this week.

Household Checklist
  • It's been cooler here for a few weeks. This week is a good time to change from spring/summer clothing to autumn/winter clothing.
  • Declutter the laundry area, hall coat closet and mudroom coat closet.
Holiday Prep Checklist
  • Do a pre-holiday wardrobe check with dh and dd.
  • Update gift idea lists.
  • Brainstorm ideas for Secret Santa exchange.
  • Browse catalogs and online stores for gift ideas.
  • Write out Christmas cards
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Oct 14, 2007
Central Wisconsin
I’m only working two days this week so I should have time to concentrate on Christmas. I already took care of the clothing a couple weeks back. We’ve been somewhat cool here in central Wisconsin. So we’ll do some catch-up on the gift closet, cleaning, and freezer meals. Looking forward to being totally caught up by the end of the week.


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Dec 28, 2007
Québec - Canada
I did the 2 entry closets over the weekend and put away the shorts in my armoire. will do my closets at a later time.

Christmas prep:
  • work on handmade gifts
  • update ideas for gifts


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Oct 18, 2007
My Happy Place
The temperatures have dropped, so this is the perfect week to get out some warmer clothes.

seasonal clothes/footwear switch over - done
declutter, clean & organize laundry area & supplies - done

wardrobe check - done
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Oct 13, 2007
I'm not doing either plan this year - just not enough time- but I need to look for something for Harvest Day at church (not expected, but would just like something fall looking to wear) and something for Christmas, too.


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Sep 12, 2009
I got to some of the list this week. I have some craft projects from last year that I never got to do. I spent a majority of my HHP time doing those projects. I hope to catch up on the week's assignments in the next few weeks.
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