Almost December

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Oct 14, 2007
Cadyville, NY
I have my album ready (a 6x8--last year I accidentally purchased two identical albums) & I did not purchase any new papers this year. I have so much already. I have my Cricut for special embellishments if I don't have something I want to use. (I've already made a page for a shaker pocket.)
I will have our special "days" at work (sweater day, hat day, etc) & all of the silly, wonderful escapades of my grandson each week.
I love to have a song that is part of my theme. I think this year it will be Believe by Josh Groban. The first year of Covid my song was We Need a Little Christmas. :) I just print out the lyrics. Sometimes I use it like journaling with part of the lyrics on each page. Other times I just print out the lyrics & it becomes a title page.
I've watched a few YouTube videos already.


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May 27, 2011
Washington, the Evergreen State
I didn't buy any new supplies, either, as I have so many. I did spend $5 for the December Daily Prep Day event - a day of design ideas, all the videos are available for me to watch as many times as I like - and it came with a great digital package. I need to work on things I'd like to cover - I already have the photo of our first holiday Starbucks drink cups which I always include and I put one of our Christmas cards in the album too. I think I'll work on my ideas list during lunch tomorrow so I have a rough outline. Do you do a My Reason Why page every year? Here's a blog post that has some good information -