Baby Shower Ideas

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Oct 13, 2007
Southeastern PA
As many of you may know my sis B and my sis-in-law L are both expecting baby girls at roughly the same in late May. Just wanted some of the fabulous advice we have here at MHH on some baby shower issues.

We had put off planning a baby shower because B was uncomfortable making plans as her pregnancy is high risk. of course, there can be no guarantees for anyone but B's docs have told her that there is no reason for her not to prepare for a baby's arrival as any other pregnant lady would do. She doesn't want an after-baby shower and her in-laws (who live at a little distance) have already planned a baby shower for her. So now I guess we go ahead with our planning.

First off, with the babies due at the same time it seems most practical to have a double shower . Easiest for mom & me who will put it on and easiest for our guests. Both B and L have mentioned on their own that they think such an arrangement would be fun and practical.

Do you think that is the way to go? I'm not sure what's L's family might want to do. She doesn't have much around here but her sister (her mom is deceased) and L and her sis are both pretty relaxed about such gatherings. I could ask L's sister if she wanted to join us for our shower or if she wants to do something separate.

I just want to keep everyone happy. Any thoughts on what might work best?


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Oct 14, 2007
South NJ
If both ladies mentioned that they like the idea of a joint shower then I would do that. I would do 2 separate cakes and have 2 separate special chairs and assigned gift areas for each mom-to-be. Incorporate special foods, themes that each MTB is partial too.