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Oct 13, 2007
Hi, everyone. Just waiting for the last few minutes of work to pass.

Nightmare getting internet turned back on at our house. Finally, at almost midnight last night after over two hours on the phone, we had internet again.

Sounds like everyone has had busy days working in the heat. It's about to be the time of the summer here that no matter how much things are watered, they won't survive. I do love hearing about so many of you just getting things going in the gardens, though.

It's been a busy day at work. Patients this morning. Then, a webinar from noon-3:00 to learn how to use Google classroom to train off-site therapists if I want to. Still exploring how I want to do that. Met with a new therapist to talk about seeing her first patient tomorrow off-site. Today was pay day. Yay! I figured today that I need to work about 28-30 hours per week to make what I feel comfortable making to keep working this job. A local bank contacted me today to see if I was available.

I'm meeting a lady right after work who has peas for me, already shelled, so will just need to blanch them and put them in the freezer. I'm going to share with DS and DDIL. We had a small family party for DGS#1's BD, which was on the 12th...14 years old and starting high school this year. I'm not ready for that!

Jess, I feel your pain with technical issues. I was about ready to throw the laptop and my cell phone through the window last night before we finally got everything set up. I do not understand how if they can just go in and turn off something why they can't go back in and turn it back on without an act of congress! Good luck tomorrow. Maybe your head won't be hurting and you'll do better.

See you all later, Lord willing. Hope you have a good remainder of your day.

Myron's Mom

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Jul 1, 2018
Jess, I hope your test goes well. Cinnamon snowflake sounds really good

It’s another hot sticky day here. Much too hot to do anything out side. Want to spray baste my quilts but will wait another day.

I went to the thrift shop’s Christmas in July sale this morning. I was good, only picked up a few things. Mostly Christmas cds and a few craft supplies for my cousin and me. I should have been dropping stuff off instead of buying.

Wanted to to do a little grocery shopping but there wasn’t much there. They were stocking shelves so maybe I picked the wrong time to go. I hope that’s the issue and not that things are in short supply again.

Have a great evening everyone!


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Oct 13, 2007

I passed my test! I'm done until student teaching starts. DD and I picked up DH and then I stayed in the car while they went in and got her new military ID card. We all went to Greenworld Coffee and DD and I tried a sample of tea and I tried a sample of their Pipeline coffee. It was good so I grabbed a bag for my friends husband to send in their housewarming gift. I had to ask for the two coffees I wanted and wait for them to bag them up. They are whole bean so good thing I have a small grinder. I tried to stop at the post office but the line was way too long so i'll order stamps online.

DS called and was in a tizzy because his school cut off everything at 2 p.m. for this term (supposed to end tomorrow). He has no more access to his classes and he still had things to do. I never heard back from his success coach last week or today as I had requested, so I texted her from the post office parking lot and emailed when I got back home. We'll probably have to wait until tomorrow before we have any resolution and he'll need an extension. I have half a mind to try to contact the school but i'm sure no one is working right now. I may just file a complaint. I don't particularly care for his success coach and then the school shutting his term down before midnight is just ridiculous. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. If I could pull him I would, but he's only halfway through redoing his junior year so we'll have to suck it up.

Pam Spaur

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Jul 17, 2008
Muncie, IN
Jess, congratulations on passing your test. I knew you would do it! You are smart and should not doubt yourself. You did it, Girl!
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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
Lunchtime here and a long afternoon ahead. I need to head off to the bank soon so that will be an exciting time. Will be leaving work early today as the boss has no one booked in and I just want to head home early. That is the plan anyway.
After a freezing start to the day it is really pretty outside, the weather forecast will be the same for the rest of the week.


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Jan 1, 2008
Congrats Jess we knew you could do it. Hope everything gets straightened out for DS..


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May 27, 2011
Washington, the Evergreen State
Congratulations, Jess!
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Santa's Elves
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Oct 13, 2007
In front of my computer
Nice job on the test @MrsSoup
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