December Magical Moment #10 Elfish Delights

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MHH Admin
Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
December Magical Moment #10 Elfish Delights

What are "elfish delights"? Well.....anything impish, elfish, or magical fits into this category. For those doing the "magic elves" it can be celebrations, gifts, mishcief, or any number of things. But to me "Elfish Delights" have to do with anything that creates a bit of impish fun or magical memories so while I'm doing the magic elves there are also other fun things that fit this category:

1. My Twenty-Four Days of Christmas gifts certainly fit this category. We are on Day Ten and I am enjoying watching how much fun this little daily gift adds sparkle to the lives of others. None of the gifts are elaborate at all. I didn't pick up as much during the year and so had to scramble a bit at the end of November but all and all a fun project.

2. Secret Santa: At work we are playiong Secret Santa. I almost didn't participate this year because it was one more thing to organize but I'm glad I did. Magical surprises are fun for everyone.

3. Story Nights: This year we are doing story nights and using a variety of books and materials to celebrate the season. Not able to do it every night so we try to pick about three nights a week to read a short story or devotional as part of our holiday celebration.

4. Crafty Christmas Sleepover: This year I am having my great nieces over for a Crafty Christmas Sleepover....on December 28th....after the hustle and bustle has disappeared. Thought we would enjoy it more then. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Another memory in the making.

What kinds of "elfish delights" do you include in your holiday celebrations?

Holiday Joy

MHH Member
Nov 4, 2007
I have a friend who has had a very difficult year: divorce, breast cancer, father with cancer, etc. I am readying an anonymous '12 Days of Christmas' box for her and her 4 young girls! Can't wait to bless her! One of her gifts is a certificate to a grocery store. Another of them is a cert. to WalMart for Christmas gifts she couldn't otherwise afford. Most of the gifts are just silly little things (5 Golden napkin rings, jump ropes for Lords a'leaping, a bag of her favorite candy, etc).

Thanks, Gingerbug, for the reminder to make magical moments happen in our lives and the lives of others!