December Magical Moment #2 Making a List

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Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
Making a List.....

"Making a list....and checking it twice!"....most of the time that brings up visions of Santa. Lists can be our friends or foes. They can be a wonderful organizing tool or a poignant reminder of how little has been accomplished. BY December 2nd...some are just starting their lists and other have most things marked off. Lists can be our friends if we treat them right.
First SCALE DOWN what goes on the list. Be realistic and really think about the list you are creating. This is where a Master List and a Monthly, Weekly, Daily List come in to play.

1. The Master list is a "Are You Dreaming List", a place to record everything I dream of doing. It is a lofty list. The sole purpose is to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper so I don't have to use what little brain power I have left keeping track of it all.

2. Monthly lists are much more manageable. Look at the Master list and pick one or two things to put on your monthly list each month. The rest of your monthly list will focus on celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, and year round holiday prep), family stuff, and monthly household chores.

3. Weekly and/or Daily Lists: You can make your more "traditional" to do list be either a weekly list or a daily list. Daily requires breaking it down one more step. Look at your monthly many items? Now divide that list into four-five weekly lists depending on the month. Make sure you pay attention to date sensitive things like birthdays. To create a daily list: repeat the process each week by breaking items down into daily "to do" lists.

You can start RIGHT this minute. Look at any lists you still have going for December. Divide the items into weekly or daily lists....whichever works best for you. Now mark them off one after another. Be realistic and you WILL be ready!!! Too overwhelmed to think about this approach right now? Starting in January we will create a monthly list to help with year round celebrations and advanced Christmas prep...BE SURE and JOIN us!!

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions of your own?


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Oct 13, 2007
Re: December Magcial Moment #2

I am a chronic list maker. I make lists for everything. I have lists on top of lists. LOL Seriously. I find that if I break things down too much, like into a daily list, I don't really accomplish much because I feel like I have to do it or life happens and I can't do it and then feel discouraged. I know sounds weird. I find that just making a list in general works for me. I make lists based on what I need to do in the very near future, for example, my husband is going to Korea in January and I started a list of things that I would like to have him help me get done before he goes, things that I really can't do by myself like organize the garage, etc.

I separate my grocery list by section of the store so I don't miss anything or have to double back. And I plan it for at least a week's worth of dinners. I'm really trying to cut down on my Walmart trips. LOL

I do have a yearly list for 2008 of things I would like to accomplish. Mostly craft things and homemade gift ideas.

I'm very interested to see what works for everyone else.


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Oct 13, 2007
West Midlands, UK.
Re: December Magcial Moment #2

I too love lists, I cannot live withou them!

I have seasonal, monthly and weekly checklists for household chores, which I got from Organized Home. I find these invaluable. For the past couple of months I have been using the weekly Holiday Houseworks lists from OC, where you list your regular weekly chores on the left and Holiday prep chores on the right. This has been brilliant and I will definatley be using it again next year.

I also have s seperate list for Birthdays and Annivarsaries which I check monthly, and purchase cards for the whole month.

I have a year planner in my Household Notebook which tells me anything from when certain annual bills are due to when to book for Christmas Panto.

All of my lists are duplicated onto my PDA, so that when I am out shopping having a coffee I can review them. My DH says I need a list of my lists!



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Dec 3, 2007
Re: December Magcial Moment #2

Of course!!! Who wants to be listless about the holidays...
My hubby likes to yell "prop her up she is listing when he sees me getting organized"