December Magical Moment #5 Ornament Memories

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Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
Ornaments vary from religious to secular.

Chrismons are Christmas ornaments created with Christian symbols. They were first made in Virginia in the USA by Frances Spencer. Chrismon is a combination of the word Christ and monogram. We also have lots of secular ornaments today ranging from Santa to cartoon characters and everything in between. Some people prefer an eclectic tree with lots of kinds of ornaments while others perfer a more uniform look with certain colors and matching ornaments.

Recording special ornaments with dates and other information in your Christmas notebook can be fun. I wish I had started it long ago. Another fun project is to create a small 8 x 8 or even 6 x 6 scrapbook or photo album. Some of the photo albums out there right now are super cute and they have room for the photo and a small space for journaling. So snap a picture of each new SPECIAL ornament this year and file it in an album with a note or two about, who its from, and other important information. What an easy fun way to document your Christmas memories. It's also nice to have the photo in case a particular ornament gets broken or lost, you'll still have the memory recorded. You can snap the pictures when you decorate or de-decorate your tree. and put the pictures in the album in boring old January!!

How do you keep track of your special ornaments? Suggestions or ideas???


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Oct 13, 2007
I have yet to keep track but I think i'll start this year. My mom always gives us all a new special ornament each year, she usually writes the name and year on it as well. I like the picture idea, I think i'll get started on that this morning and then add it to my notebook or in an album in January. Great idea Ginger, thanks!

We have a very eclectic tree. LOL