Good bye October 2023

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
I really cannot beleieve we are heading into November this week. I remember the beginning of the year when I thought that it was sooooo long before Christmas and at the end of the week Christmas will be NEXT MONTH!!!! I am pleased that I have stuck to my schedule and that I am in a good place prep wise as for the next 2 weeks I am busy with working extra and appointments.

Water throughout day. Especially important as it heats up. Must also pack water when I go out
Shower/bath at night,
Moisturise, brush teeth, lip balm, hand cream
Clean kitchen and DW on before bed.
Read and sleep at reasonable time

*washing (X)(X)
*fold washing ( )
*vacuum floors ( )
*clean bathrooms (X)(X)
*meal planning ( )
*general tidy up (X)
*clean fridge/freezers ( )
*tidy pantry/stockpile ( )
*make work lunches (X)
*shopping list (fortnightly) (X) grocery shopping (fortnightly) (X)

Quarterly/Seasonal Goals:
September, October and November.....Spring :)

*Baking days leading up to Christmas....we have several scheduled ( )
*Continue with wrapping party dates (X)
*Christmas prep....focus on this ( )
*Target savings in bank ( ) Save for cruise. Have full payment by December.
*Review word of the year (X)
*Prepare garden( ) papers (X) emergency kits (X) for upcoming fire/storm season
*Start decluttering for move next year ( ) I have a plan for this at least, will ramp up during HGP
*House inspection September (X)
*Mini vacation to coast September (X)
*At least one no spend day/week per month (X)(X)( )
*Annual Bathurst day October (X)
*Day light saving October (X) change smoke detector batteries (X)
*Ballet with DD, DSisL, Mum and I October (X)
*Organise Family get together for November 12th ( )
*Work Christmas picnic November 17th ( )
*LDC Lunch November 24th ( )
*Complete the HGP ( ) This is a must this year
*Start thinking ahead for Spring/Summer meals ( ) plans ( ) celebrations ( ) goals ( )

Fun/Christmas prep:

*tidy gift closet (X)
*update planner (X)
*do something that is just for me (X)
*start/continue/finish one craft project ( )
*start/continue/finish one book/magazine (X) Goal for the year is to read 10. I have read 13
*continue looking for stocking fillers, gifts and supplies ( ) Have wrapped for now, time to start thinking of ideas for 2024

This week:

*Connect with family via phone, email or text (X)
*Work Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday (X)
*At least one no tech night ( )
*Shopping trip to the Mall Thursday (X)
*Dog grooming Friday (X)
*Day trip to farm Saturday (X)

5 small chores:
*work on kid's books (X) Start on DS's

Word of the Year 2023: Progress
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Sep 12, 2009
Our temperatures were abnormally warm although it's self-correcting this upcoming week. The leaves on the trees this past week have been spectacular. We have a sassafras tree that has a range of colors from burgandy to orange to brown. The leaves are beginning to fall a bit more and the pine trees are dropping needles and pine cones.

Katrina, I'm so impressed with your quarterly goals and your fun/extras list. You are doing so well. :)

  • Exercise
  • Prayer
  • Calendar Review of Appointments/Meetings
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Coffee Prep for the next day
  • Lunch Prep for the next day
  • Breakfast Prep for the next day

  • Outfit Planning for this week
  • Menu Planning for this week
  • Meal Prep for this week
  • Dust/Vacuum/Mop
  • Bills
  • Laundry
  • Groceries
  • End of Last Week Reflection
  • Set Research/Writing Goals
  • Weed Garden

Monthly: Catch up Week - I'm using this week where we end one month and begin the other month as my catch up week on things that may not have gotten done in the month.

HHP - Week 9
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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
Mary, I am wishing you a great week ahead. Can you believe we are heading into November?
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