Happy Valentines DAY 02/14/19

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Oct 13, 2007
Hi, everyone.

DH sent me a dozen yellow roses (my favorite!) and bought me some Dove chocolate. I gave him a half gallon of weed killer and some sugar-free chocolate. Weird...I know. I bought ribeye steaks, made baked potatoes, and asparagus for supper.

It was low 70s here today, and DH mowed the church yard after he got off work. He's got two yards to mow after work tomorrow. Looks like an early spring here in the South. Daffodils, tulip trees, mayhaw trees, and Bradford pear trees are all blooming. I bought some flower seeds today. In about two weeks, I should be able to plant them.

I've been looking at laundry room and kitchen ideas on the internet so I can have ideas to talk to the contractor about on Saturday. It's exciting and scary at the same time. I'm looking forward to the long weekend.

Jody, sounds like a win-win on the car deal.
GrammaDeb, so happy for you that DS is moving closer. Utah has some beautiful scenery. Hope you get to feeling better and you neighbor doesn't get anything if you're contagious!
Jess, I hope you did okay on the test.
Debbie, chocolate all the way for you and DH. I like it!
Pam, hope you're feeling better and MJ doesn't get what you have.
Katrina, I hope you had a great day visiting with friends. I was outside and thought how gorgeous it was here, even if it is way warmer than February should be and we've already had to run the A/C in the bedroom two nights.
Lucie, glad you got a good desk!! How often do they move y'all around...seems like you're always changing desks?
Lori, I'm sure you welcomed the 40 degree temps! Do you walk to work?
Myron'sMom...hope you had a good Valentine's Day!
Faye, I bet this is a busy day at Cracker Barrel. If we lived in Monroe, I would, for sure, get DH to take me there on valentine's.
Diedra, you have such quick wit! I love it!

Rest well, everyone. I'm very thankful for you all! Happy Valentine's Day!
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Oct 13, 2007
In front of my computer
Dh told me this morning he got me that card he saw on Walmart but didn't buy it. Just looked at it. I told him I got him the musical card next to it for him. lol We'd both just as soon not spend money on cards so we joke about it every year. DD said she thinks of Valentines Day as just another day so nothing from her.

Dh took a late nap sleeping until after 6:30 this evening. He fixed himself Cheeseburger Soup from the freezer. I had chips and dip and DD had corn chips. lol

I spent the day sorting old photos. Next I'll decide which one I need to copy for the albums for my kids. Then I wrap the rest and send the out of my house. Of course as I found interesting tidbits I had to enter the info into my genealogy tree.

I did go see LC1. She is doing ok but is suffering from having company yesterday. She said she over did it by not resting enough so today she's making up for it.

Sleep tight all.


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Oct 13, 2007

DH and I ended up going out to dinner. We went to Outback and the wait was going to be 25 minutes. We noticed that they had patio seating so asked about sitting there and got seated immediately! Yay! We had a fantastic waiter. I had two Mai Tais, think I earned them. We got the Valentine's special, which was a 4 course meal for $59, plus my two drinks and the generous tip, it was about $100 for dinner. Then we stopped at Walmart and they were cleaned out already of V-Day stuff. We stopped at the PX and picked up something for the kids and ourselves.

We just watched the Titan Games and now are heading to bed. Goodnight friends!
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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
Sounds like you all had a great day.
Lunch with my friends started at 12.30 and we left the venue at 4.45. I really enjoy their company. One of the girls is a dentist and the other 3 of us were dental nurses so we always have that in common. The dentist and I are the only 2 working the others are retired.
Got home and the kids came over, we just got pizzas and sat and caught up. They left around 9pm to head home. Getting ready for bed so that I can get up in the morning and do what I did not do today.

Pam, hope you are feeling better soon,
Jess, well done,
Diedra, love the story about picking the cards,
Jane, the Spring sounds like it will be lovely,
Debbie, yes my mum and I do a great deal together, I appreciate everyday that I have with her.

Night to you, grateful for you all XOXO
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