Holiday Clearance Shopping Year Round...

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MHH Admin
Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
Sometimes I get more excited about the day after Christmas shopping than actual Christmas shopping itself. Here are a few more ideas.

1, Find some solid colored paper after Christmas on clearance that's not themed. There's always a few rolls and most people aren't buying them because they are thinking only of Christmas but they can be used for gifts throughout the year. One rolls is usually enough for me but it depends on your gift giving.

2. After each holiday look for socks (or other items like pjs, dish towels etc.). If you buy them on clearance after each holiday you can tuck them into a gift basket as a Christmas present and the receiver is all set for a year of holiday fun. I like this one because shopping is like a treasure hunt throughout the year.

3. Want to start a new tradition? Ornament exchanges are so much fun and after Christmas is the perfect time to pick up lovely ornaments at a fraction of the cost,

4, Shampoo and bath sets often are included in after Christmas sales. I'm talking about brand name sets like Dove or Oil of Olay or Herbal Essence. Any of those kits that they package for Christmas, They do go quickly but its a great opportunity to stock up on basic needs items

5. Pet toys or treats that were holiday themed or packaged will also be marked down so remember your furry family members and they don't mind a candy caned shaped treat in February!


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Oct 22, 2007
South Bend, IN
Started my post Christmas shopping early - LOL

Hobby Lobby only has 50% the day after Christmas so I figured since I was there and it was all 50% off anyway I would just shop while there was still something left!!

Picked up a roll of white paper with small glittery blue polka dots - should work great as birthday wrapping paper with the right bow color :)

Got white tissue paper and a few super large cookie tins too!