How do you do Christmas Cards in July?

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Nov 26, 2007
Central Vermont
I have already been buying my envelopes for my Christmas cards. I go to Staples and in their stationary dept. they have packages of colored envelopes. Every other week when I am down getting groceries, I stop in there and buy one pkg. I have about 5 pkgs so far.
In the next months, I can get rubber stamping done or stickers added to the envelopes.
This saves me time in the autumn as it is already done.

Colleen in PA

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Aug 20, 2008
OK - so on a first read I thought you meant - "where do you get Christmas in July cards"? I actually send CiJ cards to certain relatives and friends (who know that I am a Christmas fanatic) and I generally buy cards with tropical santas, etc. from Current Catalog or from "beachy" vacation destinations when we visit them...I can generally find cards with sailboats decked out with Christmas lights or a lighthouse with a wreath on the front door etc.

Sadly, I've never made my own cards...not for CiJ, Birthdays or Christmas. maybe someday!


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Oct 24, 2007
I think that for me doing my cards in July is a great idea!!!! I'm with SparkleNana, July is such a blah month for me and I always get bit by the Christmas Bug in July! I already have 2 boxes of cards. (Left overs from previous years that I didn't use; that fortunately, were not the same as the cards I sent out).
I keep my Christmas cards in a small plastic container. I also put in there the Christmas letters I had received from last year. That way I can make comments in this years card.
Lets see, I can just picture it........ sitting out on the deck or patio, with a COLD glass of homemade lemonade addressing Christmas cards......Love it!!!!!