January 22nd-28th 2023

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
A busy week and I am using all my energy just to keep on top of things. I hate playing catch up but want to get things picked up as quickly as possible.
I know that things will settle down next week or so and I will be back to 'normal'
I am hoping that you all have a great week.

Water throughout day,
Shower/bath at night,
Moisturise, brush teeth, Lip balm, hand cream
Clean kitchen and DW on before bed.
Read and sleep at reasonable time

*washing (X) (X)
*fold washing (X)
*vacuum floors ( )
*clean bathrooms (X)(X)
*meal planning ( )
*general tidy up (X)
*clean fridge/freezers (X)
*tidy pantry/stockpile ( )
*make work lunches (X)
*shopping list (fortnightly) (X) grocery shopping (fortnightly) (X)

Quarterly/Seasonal Goals:
December, January and February (Summer)

*Set savings goals for the year (X) Have set a first goal and hope to hit it by end of February, to be revised as the year progresses
*Baking day, try a new recipe and an old favourite. ( )
*Organise Australia Day bbq (X) Celebrate Australia Day (X)
*Tidy photo trunk ( )
*Tidy loungeroom (X)
*Tidy bedroom (X)
*Tidy bathrooms (X)
*Tidy kitchen ( )
*Target savings in bank ( )
*Review word of the year ( )
*Visit DH's Uncle ( )
*Daytrip to Cooma ( )
*Daytrip to Yass ( )
*At least one no spend week per month (X)( )( )

Fun/Christmas prep:
*tidy gift closet ( )
*update planner (X)
*do something that is just for me ( )
*start/continue/finish one craft project ( ) Look for ideas for 2023, I need to make time for crafting more.
*start/continue/finish one book/magazine ( ) Goal for the year is to read 10. I have read 4
*continue looking for stocking fillers, gifts and supplies ( ) My challenge for 2023 is to do great stockings, useful and interesting items.

This week:

*Connect with family via phone, email or text (X)
*Judges workshop Sunday (X)
*Judges workshop Monday (X)
*Work Tuesday (X)
*Groceries Wednesday (X)
*Australia Day Thursday (X)
*Check in with work Friday (X)
*Hair appointment Saturday (X)
*DD's party Saturday (X)

5 small chores:
*Unpack from Melbourne (X)
*Clean plastics cupboard (X)
*Do something fun for me (X) Started a jigsaw puzzle

Word of the Year 2023: Progress
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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
Fire starters can be made using wax and dryer lint. Save paper eggs crates. Pack the dryer lint into the egg holes in the crate. Melt the wax and pour it over the lint. Use it in the grill or for campfires, etc.

MissJane January 2023 declutter
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