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Oct 13, 2007
Vancouver, B.C. (Canada)
Like Aggy, I find the idea of an autumn tree is great. I wasn't prepared enough this year to do it but I will be pick up some decorations so I am do an autumn tree next year. It's definitely an idea that's going into my holiday planner. :hat:


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Oct 13, 2007
In front of my computer
Last night I turned on the Christmas tree lights. I need to figure out why one set isn't working. It's the string that is around the trunk of the tree. Going to be really hard to weave it out and a new set weaved in since I also have other strings of lights on the branches. Forgot to say it's also a light string of garland.

I don't take the lights off when I store my tree. I made the decision to keep space in my closet to store the tree with the lights on every year. Sure saves a lot of time. Just drag my tree out and put on ornaments.

At least I have lots of time to get the lights done. I found a few bulbs out on some of the branch strings. I looked in my Christmas storage containers and found several new strings of lights to place on the tree. There can't be too many lights. The best tree I ever saw had over a thousand lights. I have a skinny tree now and I have almost that many.

When we lived on the farm, the tree was in the front window. The neighbors told me they loved driving down the road to see my tree. And it's all because of the lights. I use white mini lights. I haven't been able to find any of those tiny rice lights on sale yet. I'd like a few strings of them too.

So putting lights on my tree will be my weekend job. Of course my Scrappin Room looks lovely with a Christmas tree right in the middle. At least I think it does. Wonder what the neighbors think seeing a lighted Christmas tree in the window before Halloween? I know if an OC person lived in the neighborhood they'd be knocking on my door expecting Christmas tea.