Monthly Family Breakfast

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Aug 3, 2008
I used to be so good about this..then sports and the recession happened! It's one of my goals to re-instate them this year.

We try to have it the third Saturday of each month. Like Belles, football, basketball, soccer and baseball get in the way sometimes. I invite both sides of the family, and we also celebrate all of the birthdays from that month. And, like Belles, whoever can make it comes and if they can't..well, we miss them and hope they can come the next time. I like to have a seasonal theme for each month. At first I tried to create menus to coincide with the theme, but my bunch always want the same Southern menu: bacon and scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, pancakes and sausage. They don't mind a little fruit or some muffins thrown in, but beyond messing with the menu is the clear message. I do, however, occasionally substitute a breakfast casserole with either sausage or ham for the eggs and meats.

I am currently working on themes for this year. I have some holes in my plans and would welcome suggestions. Here's what I have so far..

January-Snow days! (wishful thinking most likely, but I can use my snowmen for decorations!)
February-Sweetheart brunch
March-St. Pat's theme or something springy..
April-Easter (will be on the Saturday before Easter)
May-Mother's Day
July-Independence Day
August-back to school
September-Apple Harvest
October-Mini Boo!Bash
November-Thankful Hearts
December-Winter Welcome

Any ideas for catchy names for the themes? One year I did a lodge theme in February instead of the traditonal V-day theme...I loved it. I used a black and red plaid wool throw with my white dishes and my Snow Village "Smokey Mtn. Retreat" piece on a pedestal cake plate as a centerpiece. I also used a few of the log cabin pieces I have on side tables, along with an ice fishing scene. It was cute and fun. Any ideas like that?? I'm thinking too...if I come up with something (one of my projects for tomorrow) I'll be back to tell you. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
what is apple harvest involve?

Lori K

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Nov 13, 2018
I love the idea -- so much better than trying to do a Sunday Supper with family who live an hour-plus away. I do try to get together with my DD and DSIL every couple of weeks. We typically meet somewhere in-between our homes. But lately, not so much. I did host brunch last month and included them and another couple of good friends who have been especially hard-hit financially during recent months. I know they're struggling and this seemed to be a way I could provide for their needs in round-about way. Feed their body, good positive conversation for the soul, and pack up some leftovers. I think we all know that there's always an extra 2 or 3 loaves when we make zucchini bread! I have hosted them in the past (in good times), and they me, so to do so now was not out-of-the-norm, and it was good for all of us. Doing a monthly brunch seems like a perfect option for a multitude of reasons and I'm going to make more of an effort to host more regularly going forward. Thank you for the reminder!