Monthly Magic Framework

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MHH Admin
Oct 9, 2007
Missouri, USA
Monthly Magic is a year round holiday organizing plan that consists of four main parts.

• Part One: Tracking Magic (calendars, to do lists, reminders)
• Part Two: Celebration Magic (current holiday/events checklists)
• Part Three: Creative Magic (crafts, special plans for magic, journals, etc)
• Part Four: Future Magic (YR Round Christmas, GPD, RD, TD) Also looking ahead to the next month especially for any events that occur in the first week.

Monthly Magic is a framework for year round monthly holiday prep. As such, it will give you a spring board for your own events and ideas. Each monthly I will start a Monthly Magic thread with tips, ideas, and assignments. They are pretty general, but good reminders of what needs to be accomplished. You, of course, will need to fill in your own events and schedules as your family needs. I will include 1-3 assignments for our "special days" (Rudolph, GPD, or Turkey Day). You may chose to do them or you may have other things planned. they are simply there as a reminder and an idea. REMEMBER: this is a plan in process and as we work our way through it we will discover things to change and make better for next year.

With that is New Years Day....I will be getting several threads and projects going today....but it will be off and I have lots of "home" stuff to do.