Need High School Graduation Gift ideas

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Oct 13, 2007
A towel wrap. Take a bath towel. Make a casing wide enough for 1 1/2 inch elastic around the top. Put velcro where it wraps together. (This, too can be monogrammed.)

A laundry bag. Buy durable fabric.Sew it as if making a pillow case. Make a casing. Run cording through the casing. You can take it to a monogram shop and have it monogrammed for very little at most shops.

Something a co-worker gave my DD18 at Christmas is a terry towel head wrap that came from the Dollar Tree. She uses that thing all the time! Loves it!

Luggage tags. I made some of these for us since we go on a lot of trips with our youth group at church. I bought 1/4 yard of fabric. Then I cut in into 6 squares. I took three of them to a monogram shop and had them monogrammed with our initials. I applied interfacing to the wrong side of the other three squares to add some stability. Buy some coordinating ribbon to make a loop at the top. Match the fabric right sides together Stitch around, leaving an opening to insert the ribbon. Turn it right side out. Insert ribbon in the opening, centering it. Stitch over the opening, catching the ribbon. I'll try to post a picture in the community thread.