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Oct 13, 2007
Never Never Land
I'm having a small party for my nieces this weekend for Halloween and I need some games they can play. There will be small kids and teenagers. I was thinking of a scavenger hunt they could have right here in the yard. Have any ideas for things they can find? Thanks for the help! :boo:


Santa's Elves
A scavenger hunt sounds fun! Not sure what your limitations are but...
a Crow feather
'bones' in the sandbox
eyeballs(bouncy balls or candies wrapped like eyeballs)
magic wands(could paint regular sticks or get them from the dollar store)
pumkin seeds(from a half carved pumpkin in your yard)
Ghost droppings(white candies) :ghost:


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Oct 12, 2007
Ontario, Canada
:ghost: spiders (plastic novelty toys)
:bat: bats (rubber/plastic novelty toys)
:ghost: witches hat
:bat: broom stick
:ghost: candy corn
:bat: mini pumpkins
:ghost: mummies (quaze wrapped Barbie dolls)
:bat: frankenstien bolts (real bolts or plastic toy bolts)
:ghost: vampire teeth (plastic)
:bat: werewolf (family pet costumed)
:ghost: scarecrow
:bat: spell book (empty journal)
:ghost: witches cauldron (can be the mini plastic ones)
:bat: slime!


Santa's Elves
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When I was a Girl Scout Leader we had one that the kids just loved. Tie a long string to an apple stem and hang it from the ceiling them they have to bite the apple with out touching it with their hands ( use a big apple) It's hilarious!

also have a relay with a ping pong ball they cant use their hands they have to blow it across to their partner on the floor