New Year Cleaning Plan - Week 5-Dining Room

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Aug 31, 2010
SW Louisiana
Okay friends, it time to tackle the most important room/area in the house, where family and friends tend to gather for the most fun, food & laughter.

I know everyone is still recovering from the holidays and the winter blahs are really trying to take hold but the best thing we can do for ourselves is staying productive and busy.

If you didn't complete every single thing on your kitchen list last week don't worry about it. It's still way better than what it was when you started. There will be slower weeks that will give you the time to go back and touch up things you may have missed or you can catch those things next time during our Spring Cleaning Plan.

So, what's there to do in your dining room/area? Here's my list for this week.

[ ] Remove drapes and launder/dry clean
[ ] Wash windows
[ ] Remove wall hangings and clean (Set aside)
[ ] Wash walls
[ ] Rehang draperies & wall décor
[ ] Empty, clean, and organize armoire
[ ] Empty, clean and organize china cabinet
[ ] Clean table & chairs
[ ] Clean floors/baseboards
[ ] Decorate for Valentines Day/Mardi Gras or just a fresh centerpiece


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Oct 24, 2007

It always sounds good to me at the beginning of the year ... and then, life happens.

:frankenstein: And the clutter and dirt piles up ... like a MONSTER!