October 10th-16th 2021

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
Moving into the 2nd week of October. Weather here is still so so and am hoping that it starts to warm up just a little. Last full week before the wedding and I have a few things to do. Got to start really drinking water and looking at my skin care so that the make up artist has a reasonable canvas to work on.

Moisturise morning,
Water throughout day,
Shower/bath at night,
Brush teeth,
Lip balm,
Hand cream,
Clean kitchen and DW on before bed.
Read and sleep at reasonable time.

*make work lunches for Monday (X) Tuesday (X)
*washing (X)(X)
*fold washing (X)
*vacuum floors ( )
*mop floors ( )
*clean bathrooms (X)(X)
*meal plan dinners plus work lunches (X)
*clean fridge ( )
*tidy pantry ( )
*tidy freezer ( )
*tidy stockpile ( )
*shopping list (fortnightly) ( ) grocery shopping (fortnightly) ( ) online for now

Fun/ Christmas prep:
*start/continue/finish one craft project ( )
*start/continue/finish one book/magazine ( ) Goal for the year is to read 10, I have read 14
*update planner ( )
*tidy gift closet ( )
*continue looking for stocking fillers and gifts (X) I AM DONE!!!!
*start working on HGP/update lists in binder ( ) This week I am doing the Dining room ( )
*start thinking ahead for Spring/Summer ( )meals ( )plans ( )celebrations ( )....COVID allowing

*Exercise at least 4 days (X) (X) ( ) ( )
*Connect with family via phone (X)
*HGP Dining room week ( )
*Look at Christmas Eve plans for DH and I ( )include Mum and DB???
*More family history if time ( )
*Wedding prep week ( )

5 small chores:

Now that HGP and HHP have started look at HGP. Is it working for me? How can I improve it? More seasonal cleaning ?
Maybe a fusion of both, take what I like from each one and make my own plan. I have time now to look at them both. Will look at this over the next few weeks and come up with a plan for 2022

Word of the Year:
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Sep 12, 2009
I can't believe the wedding is almost here, Katrina!

The leaves are changing over to yellow and burgundy now. The weather has been cloudy most days. I'll take that over rain right now. I do hope to get outdoors and do some fall clean up in the gardens.
  • Weed Gardens.
  • Clean up the patio and decorate for fall.
  • Clean Bathrooms.
  • Pay bills - Medical
  • Correspondence: Family History group;
  • Appts: Monday: Tuesday: Physical Therapy; Orthodontist; Wednesday: Thursday: Funeral; After school Pick Up; Friday: Physical Therapy; Late Pick Up
  • Menu Planning
    • Menu plan for upcoming week.
    • Check that ingredients for planned meals are in the house.
    • Make a grocery list.
    • Buy groceries.
    • Food Prep: Cut up onions, peppers and carrots, etc, for upcoming meals.
  • FlyLady: Mudroom Room & Laundry area
    • Sweep
    • Dust
    • Wipe down washer and dryer
    • Empty Trash can
  • Do weekly reflection.
  • Staple reflection papers to the planner pages.
  • HHP
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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia