September 2022 Rudy Day

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
September, the first of the "BER months and for many the start of the Christmas season.
There are a lot of exciting things happening over the next month or so and I am excited about the wonderful things ahead.
We have started our wrapping parties for the year and many have started the HGP or HHP cleaning plans. It won't be too long before the Christmas card exchange is announced!!

Here are my ideas on how we may be able to celebrate September's Rudy Day.

BOOK: One Magical Christmas by Berni Stevens.
Set in a lovely English village Annie and Nik meet by accident and strike up a romance. He has a secret that will be revealed once he is sure that she is the girl for him.

MOVIE: A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas
Hotel manager Willow returns to her stunning Virginia hometown to help her sister plan her Christmas wedding at the inn her family once owned. She must work with the current owner and single dad David who wants to let go of the past.

YOUTUBE: Holiday Spirit productions
Holiday Spirit Productions have many different music compilations to enjoy while you do some Christmas prep.

Recipe to try:
This is a family favourite of mine and has been made for every boxing day for as long as I can remember. A delicious and easy recipe from Australia which I hope becomes a favourite of yours.

Condensed milk pie
1 pastry shell
1 tin condensed milk
juice of 2-3 lemons.

Pour condensed milk into a large bowl.
Juice the lemons and beat into the milk at little at a time until milk thickens
Pour into the pie shell and refrigerate until required.

*Look back over the past Rudy Days of this year and make a note of all the great ideas that you wanted to try. Try something new.
*Revisit your word of the year.
*Check your baking supplies.
*Update your planner.
*Try a new recipe in preparation for the holidays.
*Book a holiday treat for yourself before things get too busy. A massage, hair cut, morning tea or dinner date made now will ensure you have the time set aside closer to Christmas.


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May 27, 2011
Washington, the Evergreen State
The movie sounds lovely, will have to look for it.
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Nov 6, 2007
Southern Arizona
Thank you, Katrina!
I love your suggestion of looking back on the other Rudy Days of 2022.

So many great suggestions and we are getting into the thick of Christmas planning!


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Oct 24, 2007
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Happy Rudy Day!!!