The Christmas Creep Free Zone

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Jeff Westover

MHH Maintenance Dept.
Staff member
MHH Admin
Sep 7, 2009
Cache Valley, Utah
For weeks now we’ve been receiving word – Christmas is out in many stores. Summer arts and craft festivals feature Christmas goodies, artists are recording holiday albums in studios, and later this week the world marks Leon Day – the halfway point to Christmas. Hallmark is releasing their catalog of new Christmas ornaments and the cable shopping channels are gearing up for hours and hours of “Christmas-in-July”. Christmas, it seems, is everywhere. But something is missing. Do you know what it is? It is the absence of complaint. It is the silence of un-merry dissent. It is the non-cry of the unsettled, uncomfortable-with-early Christmas citizen. Welcome to the Christmas Creep-free Zone, friends. Enjoy this while it lasts. Christmas in AmericaRead more