Wrapping Party September 25th

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Apr 23, 2008
Canberra, Australia
This Sunday, September 25th sees us 3 months out from the big day.
The focus this time is to:

Make a list. How are you doing with your gifts and stocking fillers? Have you started buying, have you got an idea of what you want to buy for people this year? Where do you keep your lists? Do you use a paper planner or is there a great app that you keep on your phone or tablet. Share your favourite way of storing your lists.

Make a meal: Make a meal or two while we are still a few months out. It will make the busy times ahead much easier if there is a quick meal able to be popped in the oven after a long day of Christmas prep.

Set up your wrapping station:
Do you know where you will wrapping this year? Time to think about it. I will be wrapping on the large table in my craft room. I need to gather supplies, tape, scissors, gift tags and get ready to start wrapping.

Gift storage: Where will you be storing your wrapped gifts? Will you remember where you have hidden them and what is in each gift?
A hint that a MHH posted years ago is a Word document with a list of all the gifts she had purchased and where she had them stored. When saving the document she changed the font to white so that it looked like a blank document if any one was snooping.....Do you have a snooper???
Remember to really attach the gift tags really well to prevent them falling off while in storage.

Hoping that you have a wonderful Rudy Day/wrapping party day!!!