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    1. Gingerbug
      Thanks....I don't know why but I just find it hard to get back in the swing of things here....mostly because I have so much to do here at home and it is not getting done and then it feels weird writing about stuff....when I'm not doing it...I haven't worked on scrapbooks for a long time good luck!!!
    2. foxpaw
      Good Morning...

      I know what you mean about the flaker thing...I ran into that with the other board. Not fun!!! No need to apolgize for anything...the gift was perfect.

      As for the Phillies...I just got word yesterday that my oldest son is going to the game on Sunday in Philadelphia, he lives in Havre de Grace MN...on the other hand two of my sons live in Albany and are Yankees fans. I will just watch the games...rooting for the best team!!!LOL
    3. Noelsmommy

      I am so glad you got it. No worries on the delay, I always just so worried of being a "flaker" by default! Anyway, so glad your home safe and hope everything is getting back to normal for you. I apologize for the lack of making the basket pretty, as I was mailing it out I thought to myself, why didnt I wrap it up???? I am known for giving pretty baskets for holidays and have no idea what I was thinking with yours! Anyway, glad your well and have a wonderful Halloween weekend, and Go Phillies!!!!

    4. foxpaw
      Hi Kelly...yes I did get your package and it was lovely. Actually I just opened it last evening...things have been crazy here. I came home a little under the weather and am still struggling just to keep going. We have two funerals this week in addition to the one we had in Albany last week...enough of that.

      I LOVE ALL THE THINGS you sent!! I cannot wait to show my wonderful of you to send such nice things. I make cards so I will take a pattern from the one you sent...I was so excited about it!!! Haven't opened the pretzels yet...saving them for the maple leaf cookie dgs said..."Oh good, now you can make me BIG cookies!!!" The towel is perfect in my kitchen and the candle smells heavenly...the basket will go in the center of my table...I have a white one now and yours will look so much better. Thank you again for all the lovely things you sent...and I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting to you. Have a good day...Linda
    5. Noelsmommy
      Everything ok?? I can see you have visited MHH but I havn't heard from you. Did you get my package? I'm worried it either wasn't my package your husband said was there or you were not happy with it. Hope you are ok!
    6. Noelsmommy
      I said in my pm that I am happy with anything! I also think we may have swapped before in the old oc...not sure
      Anway, what about you, any prefrence on color or are you in need of anything special???
    7. foxpaw
      No I didn't...I know what you mean about the new layout...I find it problem...
    8. Noelsmommy
      Did you ghet my reply to your PM??? With this new lay out I can't find the one I sent to you and don't want you to think I didn't respond. :)
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