12 days of Christmas Celebration Ideas

Discussion in 'Christmas Magic' started by Ahorsesoul, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    I'm thinking of doing something for the 12 days of Christmas (ok, next year). I'm a little confused after looking at the internet. Today, Dec 26, is it the first day or second day? Seems on the internet, I find both.

    I'll be looking for ideas to do with the family on each day so please share if you have something you do. I saw where on one day they light candles. Liked that idea. Of course I forgot to bookmark that page so I'll have to search again. Thanks
  2. momof4

    momof4 New Member

    I think traditionally, Dec. 26th (the feast of St. Stephen) is considered the first day. That lands day 12 on Jan. 6 which is Epiphany.

    I didn't have time to set a 12 days of Christmas up this year either, but really want to plan it for next year.
  3. jackfrosty

    jackfrosty Santa's Elves

    I'd love to hear what you plan!
  4. rockin_granola

    rockin_granola New Member

    Well, I'm not sure how "official" it is but we start on Christmas Day. We started celebrating the 12 days of Christmas because I found it helped with the post-holiday let-down that can sometimes happen (not just to the kids, but to me, too, you know?)

    We have a little Nature Corner and for Christmas it has a tiny tree and we put our Advent calendar there, too. Christmas Day evening I usually take down the Advent calendar and replace it with a little something - a little present or craft or piece of candy, etc. It is a nice surprise at the end of the day when you think all the presents are done to find a little something extra.

    Last year I bought white lunch sacks and decorated them with Christmas stickers and each sack was numbered 1 -12 and set them under the tree in the Nature Corner and each day my daughter got to pick the next number. I just put small toys or candy in each one.

    :package: This year we're on a super tight budget, so I'm using more free sources from the internet (paper dolls, coloring pages, foldable toys, etc) and homemade presents (like felt covered barretts, handknit toys, one day is a coupon for baking cookies together)

    Each day after Christmas a few more decorations come down around the house as we return the house to normal in time for Plough Monday and I think these little treats help with the transition, plus it is fun to come up with fun, inexpensive ideas and crafts. We count up to Christmas during Advent, so I have always felt that it helps wind down the holiday season (especially for my 6 year old) to count it down afterwards, you know? Plus, it helps that holiday magic hang around a little longer :haha:
  5. pixiestick

    pixiestick Santa's Elves

    I have never heard of PLOUGH Monday? Can you tell us more about that?

  6. rockin_granola

    rockin_granola New Member

    Sure! Plough Monday (or sometimes it is called Lost Monday because it is when the last of the Advent/Christmas/Epiphany is "lost" from the home) is the Monday after Epiphany. It comes from the times when farmers used horses and a plough to work the fields. The Monday after Epiphany used to be set aside as the official start of the Spring ploughing and things getting back to the normal, practical tasks after the holidays and life returning to normal. I *think* it is where the idea of Spring Cleaning first developed, too.

    It all goes hand in hand with Spring Cleaning, new life, the cycle of the year, etc. and used to be a big celebration with flower garlands for the horses and things like that (there is more about it in the book All Year Round that we use for our homeschooling sometimes)

    In our house it means that last of the Christmas decorations are put away ;-)
  7. pixiestick

    pixiestick Santa's Elves

    Thanks Rockin granola for the Plough Monday info-- I just put the All Year Round book on hold from my library to learn more!

    Love it when I can learn something new!
  8. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    I saw an idea for Candles for the 12 days. When I looked, it was just twelve votive candles that someone had put some rub-ons on the candle holders.

    I like the idea of candles. If I knew someone who really liked candles I think I'd do this. Start with one large candle and work up to twelve little ones.

    I found this site for candles that burn colored flames:
  9. jackfrosty

    jackfrosty Santa's Elves

    Cool candles! TFS! :flower:
  10. cipalla

    cipalla New Member

    I think I have to do something next year for the 12 days of christmas! you have got me going now......now just to think exactly what and for whom!?!?
  11. Just found this post and I really love your idea rockin_granola. I hope you don't mind if i start it as a new tradition for our family. It really seems to complete the cycle.
    I didn't know about Plough Monday either, something else i have learnt from reading the posts! :-D
  12. Frog Princess

    Frog Princess Member

    I think a wind- down from Christmas is a really good idea. It's so easy to feel flat in the anti-climax afterwards. When I was a child we always had tree presents, (just little things wrapped and nestled in the branches of the tree- they 'appeared' there on Christmas morning)- and I had a little gift to unwrap each day until the tree was taken down. I loved it. I really can't think why I haven't carried on this tradition with the kids. I think it was probably that my DD was so spoilt by our families- that anything else seemed too much- then DS came along, then money was tight... and so on. I think I may well introduce it this year.

    Hey, grannyloveschristmas- you live in the same neck of the woods as me! I'm lurking in Kent.
  13. That's a lovely idea Frog Princess. I like the idea of the small gifts being found nestled on. the christmas tree.
    I think that's what i love most about this site, being able to add to our Christmas and make new traditions that can be passed on. :grin:

    Oh, by the way, Frog Princess, i'm up in Norfolk.
  14. Flower Girl

    Flower Girl New Member

    The last several years I have been doing this for my husband ( no kiddos for us) and it's become a huge highlight for us, so much fun to extend the magic.

    I give him gifts, trying to tie it somehow to the song.... I don't always manage it, but it's fun trying. Pear ale, 2 packages of Doves chocolate, a DVD of the Three Amigos movie, etc. Last year worked out really well, as I kept finding BBQ/smoker things... a 3 pk of bbq sauce, a 4 pk of flavored chips for his smoker, a pair of silicon gloves, it was amazing!

    This year I want to try and do it for my mother, too, which will be more challenging.
  15. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Love the idea for a BBQ theme.
  16. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    So many new posters! how nice :) Pleased to meet you all.

    Rocking granola what a lovely idea and with no added cost!

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