17 Days of Green

Discussion in 'The Creative Spirit' started by Gingerbug, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Gingerbug

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    I'll be blogging 17 Days of Green on the MHH homepage from March 1-17th but I also wanted to blog about my St PAtrick's Day art journal....soooo....over at the Creative Spirit i will also be blogging 17 Days of Green but each day will feature one of the pages of the art journal. I hope you will consider creating a little St Patrick''s Day art journal along with me...there's still plenty of time....you can read about my prep work and perhaps grab a small book or make some base pages before the first....and then we will be ready to think GREEN....and ORANGE ...and WHITE....lol

  2. Ahorsesoul

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    I will stay tuned.
  3. Gingerbug

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  4. Gingerbug

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  5. Colleen in PA

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    Ginger - the pages look great so far! Thank you for sharing them...I love the Irish Blessing you used...I've never heard the one about Irish angels' wings at the door.
  6. Saquilla

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    Those look great, Ginger!

    I'll be looking at some activities for my girls to do for St Patrick's Day. We will most likely be catching up with family for a picnic or lunch.

    One of my Aunts sent me a package with some t-shirts and accessories for the girls. They are going to look fantastic!! :D
  7. Gingerbug

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    I am having a hard time kicking my imagination into gear on this project....plus I am trying to use supplies etc I have rather than buying more "stuff".....

    Day three is up...


  8. Gingerbug

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    Day Six of 17 Days of Green Art Journal......with glitter paint...it's not as shiney in this photo as it is in real life....comes in a bunch of colors at Walmart for 1.97 a bottle....its fun to work with...
  9. Gingerbug

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    I can't believe I'm up to date on this art journal...good thing because I'm running out of ideas...
    You can see all of them over at The Creative Spirit.
  10. Gingerbug

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  11. luludou

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    Ginger you seem to be having a ball with the 17 days of green. Enjoy! :)

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