2017 HHP Week 6 - Wardrobe

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Holiday_Mom

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  2. Holiday_Mom

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    I've just realized that Wardrobe week is lining up with a three day weekend here. I'm not sure if this happens every year or not. Regardless, I think in the future that I will use this three day weekend as a time to get some clothes shopping done for Christmas outfits and Winter since we are all home.

    Here's what I hope to get done this week:

    Household Checklist:
    • Sort through and change out summer clothes. We’ve had an unusually warm autumn so far but it’s time to move the summer clothes to storage and bring out the winter clothes. I may leave a few shorts and short sleeves for the transitional days. Done
    • Declutter, clean and organize laundry area. I’ll also make a list of items (detergent, etc.) needed to get us through Christmas and buy it this week. Done
    Holiday Prep Checklist:
    • Check family wardrobes. We’re going shopping on Monday since this is the only day we have off before Thanksgiving. We’re going to get the necessary clothes for winter/Christmas outfits and I, hopefully, get ideas for Christmas gifts.Done
    • Update individual "gift suggestion" lists for each family member. I’m hoping the clothes shopping will give me some more ideas. Done
    • Clear out the coat closet. I want to check out the gloves and hats that we have. Make sure that we have matching gloves. If not, I want to look for them in the stores and/or order them soon. It seems like gloves are always hard for me to find in stores once winter arrives. Done
    • Brainstorm ideas for Secret Santa or 12 Days exchanges. Done
    • Begin shopping catalogs or the Internet. I’ll make a list of places I order from and what items I typically order. Done
    • Continue working on Christmas cards. I want to also check when Christmas stamps become available to the public. Done
    Still to Do:
    • Find and order group shots of our family vacations.
    • Work on making one of the photo books this week.
    • Gather information on one paternal ancestor this week.
    • Work on Spruce Up list. Finished 2 of the 5 things on the list.
    What are you planning on doing this week?
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  3. happy2bme

    happy2bme Well-Known Member

    My tasks for this week:

    Household Checklist:
    declutter & organize closets - done
    declutter & organize laundry care areas - done

    Holiday Prep Checklist:
    complete family wardrobe worksheet - done
    clean out coat closet - done
    decorate for Halloween
  4. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    By the end of this week... I will be caught up.

    Luke's closet- done
    My closet- work in progress but getting there.

    Declutter and clean Laundry- to do but will get cleaner to do thorough clean when I declutter- not a lot to do here.

    Think about outfits for end of year activities- Im done as I bought in the sales last year- I could do with a cocktail outfit but its not urgent- Graduation function for Luke's school. I have several options that I could easily wear but would like something new.

    Luke will need a new outfit- just one I think but its not a major drama to get.
  5. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    still have a few summer things to put away but mostly done (dh has to do his). 2 entry closets are done. No 'special' wardrobe items to buy for Christmas.
  6. jollykelly

    jollykelly Active Member

    Hello Ladies......I am sad to report that I have fallen a bit behind on the weekly tasks. I had to travel unexpectedly for work for one week, and had to quickly rearrange both my personal and work schedules to accommodate the travel. I am confident that I will get caught up before the week is over as I purposefully planned nothing outside of work, with the intention of getting caught up. I also warned DH and DD! I left off in the master bedroom and I believe it was all completed except for the closet. I will finish organizing that, and then do the general maintenance in their (dust, vacuum, mirrors) and then continuing moving forward with the other weeks. I will keep you all updated, mainly for accountability on my part. It is times like this that I am so happy I kept up with the gift closet, have my cards already made out (just need to address the envelopes), menus planned, wrapping station stocked etc. OK, off I go.....
  7. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    I think we are fine for the holiday wardrobes. DS has a good pair of black dress pants that he has to wear for the school music/band concerts and he got a few new polo's and buttons up shirts. DD just got a lot of nice new clothes for school.

    I need to clean out and reorganized the coat closet. Need to get the hats gloves and scarfs out and ready.

    I cleaned the laundry room over the weekend, not that's really big so it was pretty easy and quick.

    I had to add a second tote in our closet for the Christmas gifts that we bought already. I am thinking about adding a tote in our bedroom for a while for the extended family gifts and keep the kids gifts in the 2 totes in our closet,
  8. jollykelly

    jollykelly Active Member

    Just an update on my current status.....

    Week #3 - Master bedroom......this is now complete. I left off here and I had to finish the closet. I organized that, shocking how many garments made it to the floor! All of the deep cleaning is done (blinds, molding, windows, mirrors) as well as the dusting and vacuuming. I even added a bamboo plant. I am waiting to put the flannel sheets and comforter on the bed, since no one seem to tell mother nature that it is not supposed to 85 degrees in October in Pennsylvania. But I have them ready to go when the weather turns.

    Week #4 - Children's bedroom .....this is complete. I only have one child DD15. This summer we redid her entire bedroom as she wanted to change it from a tween (AKA Victoria Justice) room, to a more grown up room. This was long overdue. We ripped out the carpet and installed wood laminate floors, we painted a mint green/gray color (her pick), and she got new bedroom furniture, a light fixture, and molding. It looks great, and she is responsible for keeping it that way. I did ask her to organize her closet and dresser top. I took a peek inside, and much to my surprise she did do that and then some.

    Week #5 - Guest Room....I use this week to do our bonus room. At one time this was my daughters play room. As she outgrew that, it sadly turned into a catch all. I have to organize this. In fact, there is still a toy box in there with sporting equipment, flat basketballs, old jump ropes, a dented hula hoop, etc. As well as a telescope we never use, items for a yard sale that I never had, etc. I must organize this and just get rid of most of it. This is my plan for the next few days, and hopefully have this done for by the end of the weekend.

    Week #6 - Wardrobe....this is complete. Complete because it never really started. I guess what I consider a curse is actually a blessing this week. Our house was built in 1900 and we have very, very few closets. So not a whole lot to do there. I do not switch out my clothes with the changing seasons. They all just stay either in the closet or the dresser all year round. It's a good thing for me because I need the time to organize the bonus room.

    Miscellaneous - Looking pretty good here. I have some things to wrap, but the gift inventory is caught up, supplies are all stocked (with the exception of baking supplies), and cards are all made out. Once I get the addresses for the MHH Card swap, they will all be done.

    Keep fighting the good fight ladies! My apologies for writing a novel.
  9. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    HolidayMom ~ Good observation on the 3-day weekend. I'm going to have to note that in my calendar. We've had some BIG sales here but I've been so booked up all week I haven't been able to hit any of them. And DS seriously needs clothes. He grew 3/4" in just the last 30 days. Incredible.

    And JollyKelly -- I'm a few days behind also and now I'm going out of town for a few days. But we'll catch up! Here's my plan for the week -- which is already underway and I'll be gone the rest of the week.

    Wardrobe & Closets Week

    • Declutter clothing and coat closets. -- Kids & DH have their marching orders. I'm going to try that backward hanger thing and see how it goes.
    • Family Wardrobe Check. -- It's all about DS. The others are fine.
    • Continue working on wood stove and garage projects while weather holds.


    • Plan photo wardrobes - will assign to DD - she likes to ponder that stuff.
    • Begin individual clothing "gift suggestion" lists for each family member.
    • Brainstorm ideas for gifts the kids are giving their friends & elephant gift for Scouts.
    • Begin shopping catalogs or the Internet. -- Before stuff sells out or prices go up!
    • Work on Christmas Letter - goal to be done Nov 15.
  10. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Wow! Everyone is doing great! I'm feeling a bit lost in the shuffle here. It was a three day weekend plus one of the schools had a half day on Friday. Then another school had a half day yesterday. I took advantage of the family time together but now I've got to get back on track.

    I took my daughters out for clothes/shoes. They are good to go with the exception of a Holiday outfit. They didn't see anything that grabbed their attention and if last years clothes still fit, then they'll wear them. (I think I'm nearing the end of the growing years with some of my daughters.)

    Christmas stamps are now available at the USPS. I ordered them online.

    I still need to change out my clothes.
  11. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member

    Okay...I'm going to jump in here and do the best I can. I let things fall through the cracks, but I'll evaluate where things can be adjusted in the schedule now and go from there. You all look like you're doing great!
  12. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Yes, Michelle, jump in.

    I got my summer clothes put away and brought out the winter clothes.

    One of the things on my Spruce Up List was a Carbon Monoxide Detector. I've been meaning to get one of these for ages. I went out yesterday and picked that up. That's one item off the Spruce Up list!

    I did go out shopping by myself and found a cute sweater. It doesn't fit my idea of holiday wear but if I don't find something else between now and Christmas, then I'll wear it.
  13. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    MinnieCo -- Come on in! Welcome! :)

    Here's what I got done on the list last week -- it was a busy week so am glad SOMETHING got done!

    Wardrobe & Closets Week

    • Declutter clothing and coat closets. -- Kids decluttered. High five!
    • Family Wardrobe Check. -- DS is still growing. And eating. And growing. Completely blew it on the sales this weekend. Went out of town instead. Will keep an eye out this week.
    • Continue working on wood stove and garage projects -- Both officially scheduled.


    • Plan photo wardrobes - Still need to talk to DD.
    • Begin individual clothing "gift suggestion" lists for each family member. - Pondering.
    • Brainstorm ideas for gifts the kids are giving their friends & elephant gift for Scouts. Reminded kids.
    • Begin shopping catalogs or the Internet. -- Okay need to get more serious here.
    • Work on Christmas Letter - goal to be done Nov 15. -- Nope.

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