2017 HHP Week 7 - Bedding and Bath

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

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  2. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    This week's calendar looks like it will be calm and normal around here. I would love to knock off some items from the "Still to Do" list this week.

    Household Checklist
    • Declutter, clean and organize the bathrooms. This is one of my least favorite jobs that I would love to pretend I did but never actually do. ;) Done
    • Organize linen closet. This will be my major project this week. It is where we store sheets, medicines, medical supplies and extra soaps/shampoos. I want to get more shelving in there to utilize the space better. Done

    Holiday Prep Checklist
    • Check to see if sheets, towels, or blankets are needed. I really do hope we are fine with these items. I will add necessary items to shopping list. Done
    • Start stocking up on bathroom basics. I bought a bunch of the basics in bulk a few weeks back. I will see if anything needs to be replenished and add it to my shopping list.Done
    • Continue working on Christmas cards. Done

    Still to Do
    • Find and order group shots of our family vacations.
    • Work on making one of the photo books this week.
    • Gather information on one paternal ancestor this week.
    • Work on Spruce Up list.
    • Wrapping Party on Monday! :D
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  3. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Household Checklist
    • Declutter, clean and organize the bathrooms. DONE
    • Organize linen closet. Basement linen closet will get a deep clean this week

    Holiday Prep Checklist
    • Check to see if sheets, towels, or blankets are needed. Already on the shopping list
    • Start stocking up on bathroom basics. Did buy in bulk but need to buy more
    • Continue working on Christmas cards. Using store-bought

    Still to Do
    • Finish my deep-cleaning
    • finish Halloween costumes
    • Finish making Halloween bags
    • Then start working on Christmas in earnest
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  4. jollykelly

    jollykelly Active Member

    Hello Ladies.....My hope for you is that Week 7 finds you in good health. Remember that the weekly tasks are there to guide us, not to cause anxiety or to leave us feeling overwhelmed. Every little bit (and sometimes for me it is a very little bit) helps. Here are my goals for the week:

    Finish bonus room:
    I still have some boxes that must get carried into the attic, a broken recliner to get rid of, and then vacuuming and dusting.

    Week 7 Household:
    • Organize the bathroom vanity (2 drawers and 1 cabinet)
    • Clean tub and toilet (my least 2 favorite chores ever!)
    • Linen closet/tote organization. - The towel closet is organized, and the linens are all in a tote but I want to organize them and find a better place for the tote. The pitfall of having a house built in 1900 is there are not enough closets.
    Week 7 Holiday Prep:
    • Stock up on bathroom basics. I am fine in the TP department, thanks to some good sales lately, but I want to also get a few extra bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and hand soap. That way the pantry is stocked with these items. Also want to pick up a fall candle for the bathroom.
    Good luck to all and keep plugging away
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  5. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Finished the kitchen cabinets and the linen closet!
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  6. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    Our linen closet is fine and so are the bathrooms. I really need to finish our bedroom. I have no problem starting to clean but always get side tracked and never seem to get it finished plus its the room that seems to be the catch all for stuff that hasn't found a home or needs to be purged form our home. I have so much clothes that needs to be bagged up and donated so maybe this week I can get that done and call for a donation pick up .
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  7. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Kelly - That's a good reminder!
    Lucie - Great job on the cabinets and closet.
    Minta - I understand what you mean about the master bedroom.

    I wrapped the gifts that I have so far. I got another thing off my Spruce Up list. The drawers in the bathroom have been organized.

    I just bought extra toilet paper a few weeks back but now I'm not sure if it is enough. I'll add that to the list as well as Kleenex. We are going through that like crazy now. I forgot to add that I want to check cough and cold medicines to the bathroom basic lists.
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  8. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    Bed and Bath Week
    • Declutter & organize Linen Closet. -- Looking for ribbon to tie up my sheet sets and label them.
    • Organize Bathrooms & start stocking up on bathroom basics. -- Cabinets need to be finished first.
      (We are Costco shoppers so we are usually pretty well stocked on TP and stuff). Cold meds.... good call on that one, Holiday_Mom!)
    • Set up a wrap and mail center.
    • Buy, wrap and package overseas gifts for mailing - Haven't even pondered this yet.
    • Christmas Letter -- keep writing....
    • Flu Shots
    • Emergency Prep -- Want to add tarps and another jerry can this year and a couple survival books.
    FlyLady - Hallway Rooms, Closets & Office
    Recipe Binder -- Finish Holiday recipe section
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  9. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    I am in two rooms at once. The bathroom needs some work done with the medicine cabinet and mirror since I can't find a replacement one. The Linen closet just needs labels on the baskets in there and the kitchen needs many things. Hopefully Wed. Friday and Saturday will see it all get done.
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  10. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    I went out shopping today at Target for stackable shelves for the linen closet. They didn't have any so I hope to get to Wal Mart tomorrow to get them.

    I just placed a few orders for gifts. I used to order them in November. Thanks to HHP, I was able to see that buying pattern. I realized that these particular gifts don't have a expiration date so they can be ordered earlier. Ordering earlier means wrapping earlier and that makes me happy. :D
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  11. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Whew! I got the shelves and now linen closet is organized. I went through towels and sheets and made of list of things that would be nice to replace. It's not necessary for Christmas so maybe in January when they run the white sales, I'll pick a few items up. Cards are done for the week. The bathrooms are cleaned and organized. I just need to get out to buy some more bathroom basics. We are looking good for cold and flu items. I'm glad. I'm just starting with a cold today. Hopefully those zinc lozenges will work.

    How is everyone else doing?
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  12. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    Nice job you guys! You are almost making me want to get after the top shelf in my pantry - with the pots at pans that get used only at the holidays! Not quite yet though!

    Much going on here with family activities this week. Homecoming is this weekend. Madness. Details of wood stove project and other household projects are all being figured out. Need to get materials in (the wood) and the forecast is now rain, rain and more rain. (Which is why we should have been doing this over the summer.) Did stock up on paper goods at Costco (and managed to get out of there without ANY random gift purchases for Christmas that were not ON my list). Also went into the bank to reserve money for holiday shopping. So glad to be able to check in here and get myself re-focused each day so I can knock out a little at a time. I try to take at least one small step per day on this. I copied this list onto a sticky note and placed it on my weekly shopping list. I think that's going to help me see the list more frequently at other points in the day when I'm on the move.
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  13. jollykelly

    jollykelly Active Member

    Hello Ladies.....Seems like everyone is making amazing progress. Here is where I am at this week so far....

    Bonus room is still waiting for me. For some reason I just have not had the energy or motivation to get in there and finish it. Maybe because no one sees it? Maybe because I really do not know where to put the stuff that is in there? Maybe because ...maybe because....maybe because. I just have to scoot my boot in there and get it done.

    Bathroom is looking good. I organized the drawers and cabinet. Got a nice s'mores scented candle, and gave the tub/shower a good scrubbing. I got a daily shower cleaner that you are to spiritz on the walls and tub after your shower. We will see how that works out and if we remember to use it.

    I still have not found a convenient place to put the tote that keeps all of the bedding (sheets, pillow cases, blankets, etc). First I put in the bonus room. I didn't like it there because I have made a few feeble attempts to organize that room. Then I thought about moving it to the attic. It was really too big and heavy to lug up the steps so I nixed that idea. So then I thought I would take everything out of the tote and try to squeeze it all into a dresser drawer, that was very clearly a no go. Right now it is my bedroom, under the window, with a blanket and 2 pretty throw pillows on it. My attempt at a window seat I guess. I wish I had a closet, but that is such a first world problem, so it is what it is for now.

    I did pick up some extra supplies (body wash, shampoo, etc) and they are neatly stashed away. Should be good for a few months there.

    Keep on fightin' the good fight.
  14. Minta

    Minta Administrator Staff Member

    What about totes that fit under the bed. Could you get those to store your bedding in?
  15. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    The linen closet got labels on the baskets last night.
    Tomorrow we will be shopping for flooring and trim for the bath room mirror.
    Kitchen is getting there. I need to line some shelves and clean a couple of drawers. Once that is done I can get out my new cookware and pot holders mom made me.
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  16. tanya

    tanya Well-Known Member

    Im weeks behind.... oh well.... I planning on doing what I can then getting the cleaner to do some extra hours. I can organise and she can deep clean.... sometimes you just got to say.... Life Happens!

    I generally start a couple of weeks early on this plan to get ahead- I did not do it this year and now I know why I start early. It's a crazy time for our family with summer sports, swim season, school etc.....
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  17. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    Cindylouwho - You had me laughing at "managed to get out of there without ANY random gift purchases for Christmas that were not ON my list)." I know that one too well.

    Kelly - I was going to suggest what Minta suggested.

    Jody - I hope you were able to find the flooring and trim that you wanted.

    Tanya - Someone here shared this a few years back when "life happened" and I felt behind on the HHP - You are further ahead now than you would be if you started in December. That helped me keep a perspective on things.
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  18. jollykelly

    jollykelly Active Member

    Hello Minta and Holiday Mom.....

    I have always dismissed the under the bed tote idea because my bed frame is an antique four poster bed and the legs are pretty high off the floor. I do like it for the look, but it gives a clear view of everything under the bed. I am afraid a storage bin, even small and clear, would make it look cluttered as well. So I always frowned on the idea. What I never thought of (duh) is why does it have to be under my bed? I got one this weekend, most everything fit into it and it now is in my DD room under her bed. She wasn't to fond of the idea, but I told her "Suck it up buttercup". Thanks for having me look at this with a new set of eyes.
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  19. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    Found my flooring. They are coming to measure tomorrow. Figured out what to do with bathroom mirror. DH and I are painting cupboard doors and hardware today. It is damp outside so will dry slower but need to get it done. I need to line some of cupboard shelves too!
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  20. Cindylouwho

    Cindylouwho Well-Known Member

    Just going back here to bookmark that I lost my pace this week. Homecoming Week. Too much happening with college applications, contractors, financial deadlines etc. BUT I kept up on the housecleaning. And yes, still resisting the urge to grab random items when I'm out just so I'll have SOMETHING. I really want to stick to my list. Nothing this week was so critical that it will kill me later. (Well, I'm a little worried about that letter.). If the contractors get done I'm going to be pretty darn happy.
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