2017 HHP Week 9 - Living Room

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Oct 29, 2017.

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    Household Checklist
    • Declutter, clean and organize the living room. Done
    • Pare down living room decor. The living room is already decorated for Autumn. I will keep that up until Thanksgiving weekend.

    Holiday Prep Checklist
    • Buy holiday stamps. I bought these a few weeks ago.
    • Begin saving packaging materials for re-use in December. I like to wrap the small items in big packages for my teens. It makes it look like they are getting more or it looks like they are getting a Kansas City Steaks instead of socks. :p
    • Prepare to mail Christmas cards or letters. Miracle upon miracle, I worked through my aversion of doing Christmas cards in October in case someone dies before Christmas. Done
    • Get ready for Halloween: Candy in bowl, Halloween costume finished, Sweep leaves/branches off patio and driveway
    • Work on finalizing Thanksgiving day menu and shopping list. Done

    Still to Do
    • Find and order group shots of our family vacations.
    • Work on making one of the photo books this week.
    • Gather information on one paternal ancestor this week.
    • Work on Spruce Up list.
    • Wrap gifts as they come into the house.
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  3. luludou

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    Half way point... I'm doing ok for housework. It took me all year but the house has been deep-cleaned from top to bottom (except for the attic!). Decluttering is an on-going job. Half Christmas gifts are bought. Today I'll try to finish the stockings. Halloween will be taken down this week and put back up in the attic next weekend. Some Christmas boxes will come down at the same time. I'm pretty much done with homemade gifts too. I have to work on FOOD though.
  4. jollykelly

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    Half way point........wow, that went fast, it always does, doesn't it? I am feeling pretty good so far. I talked to my sister this weekend. We always switch every other year hosting Christmas. This year was to be her year, but since she is going through a pretty nasty divorce, wasn't sure what times she would have my niece and nephew, being in a new apartment, finances tight for her, etc....she was not sure if she was going to host or if I was. She has finally decided that she would host. I was a bit bummed, because I enjoy hosting and not traveling (it is only an hour each way) but it is her year and I understand. This does take some of the self imposed pressure off of me to have the house looking "perfect". But I am continuing on with the plan as though I am hosting. I do enjoy it, and it would not be to shocking if she changed her mind last minute. Here are my goals and updates for the week:
    Bonus room
    - almost completed! Bins have been carried to the attic, shelves have been organized and dusted, vacuuming is completed. The only outstanding task is getting rid of an old, broken recliner that is in there. I called our trash hauler and they said it would be $75 for them to take it away. I spoke to DH and he said no way, he will burn it (we live in the country and can do this safely). I am giving him one week. If it is not done I am booking the haul away.

    Delegating tasks - I spoke with DD and DH with my planner in hand. Cue the eyes rolling from them. I told them what I would like to see them do. Their list is pretty much just a list for Christmas week. They each have one task, each day for maintenance cleaning. Not bad at all. I posted it on the fridge. We will see.

    Living room - I sorted the magazine rack. Amazing how many magazines accumulate there because I want to save one recipe, one design idea, etc. I went through them, ripped out what I wanted to and added to tear file. DH removed the window AC's and I cleaned the windows and steamed the curtains.

    To do:
    • Make a master baking supply list and schedule a cookie baking date. If I do not add a date to the calendar it will get filled with something else.
    • Christmas cards - the only cards that I still need to address are for the MHH card exchange. Once I get those I will be able to complete.
    • Stocking stuffers - my DD stocking is complete EXCEPT for a google play gift card. I will pick this up on Friday when I get paid. I also have to get a few things for my DH stocking. We decided not to exchange gifts this year, which is just fine by me, but I do want to get him a few things for his stocking.
  5. Miss JoDee

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    Today and tomorrow we will complete the unfinished task. Kitchen flooring going down now. Bathroom mirror is being a pain but should be able to at least get it framed. Mirror is a mess dark spots that can't be fixed but may be covered with stickers? Trying to get a hold of the company that made them to see if I can get replacements. We'll see.
  6. Holiday_Mom

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    Lucie - You're doing great with the gifts. I'm not nearly there yet.

    Kelly - That's a good thought to be ready for possibly hosting for your sister. I'm sure it's a tough time for her.

    Jody - I hope the mirror situation works out.

    The last few years have been so crazy leading into Thanksgiving. This year, things are so different. We had no one doing a fall sport. I finished my last class in July. I've cut back on a lot of time consuming activities that were draining me. This year I'm feeling more on track with where I'd like to be over all. Of course, there are things that I probably never should have put on my list to do before Christmas. I'm reevaluating that this week.

    I worked on the menu and bought some grocery items that were on sale. We have a bag to fill for the food bank from church and another one for the school. I got some teacher gifts wrapped today.
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  7. Cindylouwho

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    Half way point.... How did that happen? I'm not freaking out yet simply because the house is in good shape (the Marie Kondo I did last year is holding -- though I'm still not completely done; I have my issues). Garage doors are underway, and wood stove guys showed up yesterday and got the bid so that will happen. I may be freaking if the place is torn apart on Thanksgiving Day! ;)

    I'm nowhere on Christmas shopping I also have older kids who want very specific things so I need those lists. Once Halloween is done tonight (just found out last night we are hosting a party) then it will be full on for Christmas. I have a plan.

    My focus is also on finishing financials for my relatives by year-end. Its a REALLY big focus. Another couple weeks and I will have slogged through much of that.

    JollyKelly -- On Delegating.. I need to do that still. That convo now really helps later!

    Here's my list for the week:
    Public Spaces Week – Living Room
    • Review Family Emergency / Disaster Plan - have been on this all October as Emerg Prep month.
    • Celebrate Halloween.
    • Status Check on Holiday Plan. Adjust goals as needed.
    • Buy holiday stamps. - DONE.
    • Decorate for Thanksgiving.
    • Christmas cards should be finished and ready for mailing. ... Uhm.....
    • Seasonal safety check. Observe Time Change Sunday: change batteries.
    • FLyLady Zone of the Week
    Flu Shots
    And a couple other things I'll edit in when I check my planner list.
  8. Holiday_Mom

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    Living Room is looking good. The Thanksgiving decor will replace Halloween now. Three weeks until Thanksgiving! Reality is starting to set in today.
  9. tanya

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    Im now almost back on track. Its amazing what can be done when you throw $$$ at a project. Read that as I paid my cleaner extra to do it. I decluttered by hauling/ hurling the contents of drawers etc out onto the floor- I threw out what I did not want and she then came behind me tidying and rearranging. Its looked like a complete disaster area for 2 days but now its back to looking and feeling great. I also got her to do the extra cleaning. Time got away from me this year and I just did not get there.
  10. Holiday_Mom

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    Good for you, Tanya! That's money well spent. I bet you just feel better about the whole thing too. :)

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