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Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Need to start the baking. Cooked and diced chicken last night and will be frozen for sandwiches. Pot pies will be made today.
    Finish adressing Christmas cards and getting them ready to send
    Wash oven
    Regular housechores
  3. Holiday_Mom

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    This weeks seems easier since I basically doubled up last week. My daughter made a up a few batches of cookie dough on Friday while I was out shopping. That was a nice surprise for me. It's nice having teens around who love Christmas as much as I do. We're hoping to get some cookies baked, divided for the parties and then frozen this week.

    Household Checklist
    • Clean and declutter the entryway: Check for hangers, clean front light fixture, make space in front closet, clean front door and windows. Still need to work on door and windows.

    Holiday Prep Checklist

    • Begin holiday decorating. Bring up Advent items. Done
    • Bake a batch of cookies.
    • Stamp envelopes.
    • Wrap gifts that were ordered online as they arrive. Work in Progress
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  4. tanya

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    My entry space is fine- its not used anyway as everyone comes in the back way. You drive up the side of the house to the garage and we and everyone else uses the back/ kitchen door. I have some cards to write and mail. Plus some wrapping to do and need to check the master grocery list. No real freezer meals are done here- middle of summer so we think more along the lines of BBQ and salads. The freezer is well stocked at all times for BBQ's and sudden get together. Im kind of playing catch up this week going back to a few things from previous weeks that did not get done.
  5. jollykelly

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    My entry way is looking pretty good. No one really uses the front door, everyone enters in the back, and they go into a mudroom. That is pretty organized and good to go right now. I am going to focus on the following:

    • decorate for Christmas
    • finish up my shopping. All of my shopping was done, then we draw names on Thanksgiving with extended family, so I have those gifts to get, but the money is in the envelope just waiting for me!
    • decide what cookies I am making this year. In past years I made to many different kinds and they did not get eaten. It was such a waste of time of money. I am going to pare down to just the favorites.
  6. Holiday_Mom

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    Lucie - I had to wash the oven too. I forgot that I spilled mashed potatoes in the oven on Thanksgiving. When cookies were baking earlier in the week, we could smell the potatoes burning.

    Tanya - How's your friend doing?

    Kelly - Cookies are time consuming to make. I think you are wise to figure out what you want to make.

    It's been a bit of a distracting week. A friend's little one was in the hospital and it was hard to focus on getting things done here. The baby is home and all seems to be well, thankfully.

    I have the front door wreath hanging and the sled out on the front porch. The mantle and entry way are decorated. I will wash the front door and windows tomorrow. I put hangers on the shopping list. We have the closet space but the hangers have disappeared.

    A bunch of boxes have arrived but I haven't had the chance to wrap yet. If not tomorrow, then next week. I just got a call today that my in-laws would like me to buy their gifts for our children this year. That came as a surprised but I'm happy to do that. They like to do everything on their own but it's been a trying year for them. I will probably wrap the gifts for them too if they don't protest the idea.

    This weekend is booked with Christmas activities. On Friday, we have an Advent evening at our church. On Saturday, we'll cut a tree down and decorate it. On Saturday night, there is a Christmas concert and then a second concert on Sunday afternoon.
  7. Holiday_Mom

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    Whew! What a week! "Tis the season around here for CrAzYnEsS. Hardly anything got done that I had planned to get done. At one point on Friday, I stopped, paused, took a deep breath and thought "Thank goodness, I started the Christmas preparation back in September. I'd be heading to the funny farm instead of the tree farm now."

    I know I still have three weeks and it will all get done but I feel so thankful that when life has thrown me some curves this week, I had started earlier than just starting the Christmas preparation last week. So onto a new week...

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