2019 - HHP - Week 5 - House Room Week

Discussion in 'House & Holiday Plan' started by Holiday_Mom, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Will finish the sun room today. Got everything done except for putting up the valences and arranging the furniture back the way it was. I need to re- pot some plants so will get potting soil this week. Will work in the guest room tomorrow, I should be able to finish it off.
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  3. Holiday_Mom

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    We hosted guests this weekend. I feel that everything is in order on that front. I will use this week to:

    • Declutter the family room (from last week)
    • Declutter the kitchen (This will be the room everyone else is working on when I am scheduled for my procedure in November.)
    • Make a list of cold and flu supplies that I still need to buy.Done

    Holiday Prep
    • Status Check - I was feeling on top of things until my doctor's appointment. I don’t know what to expect for recovery time in November and December. I really gave some thought as to what I want out of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can get help with the housework during that time but it’s the holiday prep that I enjoy and means so much to me. That’s where I’m going to focus my energy for the next six weeks.
    • Plan Holiday decorating.Done
    • Decorate for autumn. Almost Done
    • Work on Christmas cards.
    • Make a list of foods to prepare and freeze for Thanksgiving dinner. Done
    • Schedule dates to make those Thanksgiving side dishes.Done
    • Plan what baked goods to make and the dates to make them.Done
    • Wrap up gifts that I didn’t get to last week.Done
    • Figure out what stocking stuffer gifts still need to be bought. Add to shopping list and buy soon.Done
    • Work on assembling gifts for service people.
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  4. DawnSu

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    I am working in spare room this week. Have taken bed completely out. I have 2 dressers in there. But not real sure what's in those. As I used them for storage for my tablecloths, placemats & whatnot.. am gonna thin those out as I am not much on tablecloths now that I have grandbabies most of the time. So my goal is have space for different air matttess' & a futon, for son when he comes home, 4 hours away. I also have several totes that my little 6 yr great neice, that I have adopted, has outgrown. Saving for sibling 3 yrs old that we go to court for this week.

    Geeee, sounds like alot when u write it down. Wow.
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  5. Cindylouwho

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    This is a catch-up week for me. More clothing got decluttered this weekend. Guest Room has already been claimed for the Holidays and is in pretty good shape. We are trying to wrap up with garden work for the season before the fist frost. Rain has been endless for 10 days or so. Have major declutter time scheduled for 2 weeks out with DH and will be working on it on my own til then. Boxes are lining my hallway. Decisions to be made as to where they are going. Have been struggling to get uninterrupted time to get the things done I want done. Hoping to hear from the contractors this week. They said early October.

    Still need to get our own Thanksgiving reservations made!

    Haven't started pulling the trigger on any major Christmas purchases. But working steadily on my list.
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  6. Holiday_Mom

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    That probably explains why things take longer than we think. There are so many steps along the way that we don't even consider.
    Ugh! I know that feeling all too well.
  7. happy2bme

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    Household Checklist:

    I am going to use this week as a catch up week and work off of my master To Do list.

    Holiday Prep Checklist:

    inventory holiday decorations

    work on Christmas cards

    Neither of these tasks will get done until I shovel a path through the snow to the shed!
  8. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    :eek: Snow! Oh my! I hope it isn't too much.
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  9. happy2bme

    happy2bme Well-Known Member

    It's hard to know exactly how much snow we got , the winds were blowing so badly and the drifts got pretty high. It has been warm and sunny all week and a lot of it has already melted. Crazy!
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  10. happy2bme

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    The snow has finally melted and I can make my way to the shed to inventory my decorations. I will probably save this task for next weekend as I will have four days off. I am sure I will have some stuff that I don't want and can send to the thrift store.
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  11. Cindylouwho

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    Good news and bad news this week. Good news is garden is done and under control for the winter. Still have to decommission the water hoses though so they don't freeze. Bad news I'm still reeling from. Just lost my contractor. We've been waiting for these guys for 6 weeks. They were supposed to be able to get us in before another big job and we hoped would start this week. Well the permit for that job came in yesterday so we just lost them. *screams silently* It is SO hard to find drywall installers in the Fall. Ugh! Calling every number I can come up with. It's pretty much the first domino in the line --- it will stall everything else behind it. And it is getting too close to the holiday to bump this a month. I either find someone fast or bump the whole thing til after Christmas. So that was happened and I spent the last few days beating my head against the wall. Today I'm breathing and while I'm still putting out calls to drywall guys I'm telling myself this was meant to be and I just don't know why yet. Am going to focus on the things I can definitely control: declutter, paint in other rooms, lighting etc.

    Snow? I'm not ready for snow! Keep that where you are! :)
  12. Holiday_Mom

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    Oh my gosh, this reminds me of something we went through about 15 years ago. We started the looking for contractors in April for an addition. The ones we wanted were booked until September. They started mid September. Then we had to deal with tropical storm rains. Every one shut down the week after Thanksgiving for hunting season. This included the carpet mill, electricians,paving guys and drywall guys. The drywall guys still had to finish dry walling so my dh and I finished it that week and started on painting. The driveway had to be paved but that was delayed because of snow. I finally came to terms that the addition would not be done in time for Christmas. We kept the decor simple. We had plastic taped to the door so the white dust wouldn't enter but it still found a way So my dreams of a white Christmas came true just not the way I thought.

    Hang in there!
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  13. Minta

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    Spending this week to start playing catch up. Had an extended family member living with us for the past few months and he moved into his new place this past weekend. Last night I started cleaning my dinning and finally getting the rest of my fall decorations up. Will get the dinning room done tonight and I hope to have the foyer done tomorrow night. I am off Friday so I want to get the living room done that day and hopefully tackle more in the kitchen. .
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  14. MinnieCo

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    Been traveling for a few weeks, now I've decided to have surgery in 2 weeks. I've been going like mad to get a ton of prep done in case I'm down for awhile. Could be 4 to 6 weeks of recovery, but maybe not. I've not necessarily done things in the order of the weeks presented, but I have been getting stuff done. So I'm stopping by to check in for the week, read this weeks zone area and get some kind of list in order for the rest of the week, which for me goes thru Sunday. So I'll be back with that list here in a few. Once I'm done here I'll be spending the afternoon doing some freezer cooking. I'm making Italian Meatballs and Sloppy Joes. Both are stables each holiday season for me.

    Looking at the list, I have already been working on the guest area and looking ahead to decoration inventory. Because I'll definitely be down the end of October into November, I didn't do any Halloween decorations, except one blow up in my front yard that I'll switch out with a Turkey come November. Oh..and a gorgeous Halloween embroidery my daughter just made me. I'll keep that in my bedroom. I love Halloween and it kills me not to pull out my Halloween decor, so to try and ease that pain I just put out all my fall decorations and Turkeys. At least it will look festive and not dull!

    I'm also skipping my big Disney tree downstairs and putting up a smaller tree I have. The exciting part of that is between the swap ornaments I've done here over the past gazillion years, and some homemade ornaments I made when I was younger I have enough to decorate that tree. It's going to be awesome. I love all those ornaments. My plan is to actually get that tree done this Sunday and out of the way. Crazy I know, but I figure it will be in the basement and no one will secretly know I have a tree already. Then come Thanksgiving weekend I'll only have 1 I'll need help with to set up. If my husband sets it up, I should be able to get the ornaments on it by then. I've thought all of this out seriously...because these three months are my favorite of all, but I'm in a position where I also just want to feel better and this surgery will help me get there. Sooooo the neck surgery wins!

    I've also got all my Christmas card components made and ready to put together when I'm stuck in bed or on the couch. Normally I work the election every Oct/Nov and put them together then, but I figure it will be an easy project to help pass time when I need it during recovery.

    I've got two Fall care packages to get out and I started pulling those pieces today. One for my daughter and one will be a surprise for a stranger in a group I belong to that needs a happy boost. I'm excited for that.

    I know it comes up in the program, but don't forget to start looking for tickets to events in the area. It's going to be the last Christmas I have my grandaughters living in state with me, so I've started putting dates on the calendar and looking to buy tickets to events we can attend. My other daughter isn't coming home till 2 days after Christmas, so that opens time for me to spend with my grandaughters and then extends the holidays for us to do stuff still after she gets here. Alot of the holiday events go on through New Years, so it works good.

    okay, I think I've written a book. I need to go get into the kitchen and get those meatballs made!
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  15. Cindylouwho

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    HolidayMom -- Oh my Lord, gotta love sheetrock dust for a white Christmas !! :)

    MinnieCo -- Neck surgery? At least it will be DONE, right? And hopefully you can get some other kinds of things finished in your downtime? And good motivation for getting tons of stuff done PRONTO!
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  16. Holiday_Mom

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    I'm doing something similar. I won't be out of commission as long as you. However, my procedure on my leg is two weeks before Thanksgiving. I've made up and froze some Thanksgiving side dishes.
    That's a positive attitude!
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  17. Holiday_Mom

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    I think you have a good plan for making lemonade out of lemons.

    It sounds like you will have a nice December with your granddaughters. :)
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  18. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member

    Cindylouwho, it's great motivation. Goes back to that saying, it's amazing what you can get done the week before a vacation. I'm kinda in that mode. Also, I'm very ready to get this done so I feel better. I'd have it done this week on Tuesday if they could get my referral done, but it won't happen that fast sadly.

    Mary, good luck to you too and we both get pats on the back for thinking ahead and making it easier on ourselves. Just gotta do, what ya gotta do. Yesterday we took the girls to the pumpkin patch and had a blast. All three are at a good age where it's all fun, so December should be the same.
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