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  1. Skippy1707

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    Hi Everyone,
    I came back online today after months and months away. I haven't been online since October last year due to a bout of illness which was quite frankly horrific. I realise I missed the Christmas Card Swap and upon re-logging in today read the old post by accident and I just wanted to take a moment this morning to let you all know that I was really sorry and to explain what happened.

    I had a message from MrsSoup in my inbox when I came back online and wrote to her apologising and letting her know what happened, and also explaining my absence and thus my lack of cards last year. I hope you all don't mind but I have copied and pasted the letter I wrote to her so that you can all read for yourselves.

    Please accept my apologies and just know that all of your cards made a huge difference to my Christmas last year when I was in a horribly dark place and I wanted to say thank you for sending them.

    I hope you are all well and your Christmas planning is going well.

    Lots of Blessings,

    Good Afternoon MrsSoup.

    I hope my letter finds you and all your family well and that you are enjoying the change over into fall. The welsh weather has been text book horrible since the kids broke up for school to the point I think we might all have developed webbed feet!

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your message that you last sent me - I realise it was last year and I have been noticeably absent from the boards for a while - but it was regarding the Christmas card exchange 2016 but I just wanted to explain my christmas cards noticeable absences and apologise.

    Its the first time I have logged back onto MHH in almost a year after suffering a long and horrendous bout of ill health so again I apologise that I have just managed to read your message and I just wanted to write and apologise for my lack of involvement.

    I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitus back in 2013 and it took a sudden turn to Meniere's Disease just before last Christmas. When I applied for the Christmas Card Exchange I felt well and happy. But in November 2016 I became really ill again. Its left me with horrendous vertigo to the point that I was bed bound for much of Christmas last year, couldn't work and unable to be active in any way. I couldn't even stand to cook Christmas dinner and only just managed to sit long enough to see the kids open their presents. It also meant I was unable to use a computer and a phone because the white screen light was a trigger and made me feel like my head was in a washing machine. Its quite possibly the worse thing I have ever had to experience and when it finally triggered my anxiety attacks to the point I couldn't even take my daughter to school I truly felt at my lowest. Its taken 3 years to diagnose in total and I am still undergoing tests but I am finally somewhat functional now and able to actually look at a computer screen without the need to throw up I can happily report. :)

    That said I am finally writing to apologise to you and the other members of the board. I know I signed up for the Christmas Card Exchange 2016 and had all the cards ready to write. I had even found beautiful ones with the greetings written in welsh so that members would have something different coming through their door. Then the Menieres, vertigo and anxiety started and I was unable to completely them. I still have the stamps ready to send them. It ended up being a double edged sword to me last Christmas......seeing all the beautiful cards coming through the door that my daughter absolutely loved reading and seeing all the names that I recognised from the board. I got so depressed because I knew I couldn't return the kind gesture back this time last year and anyone who knows me knows how much I hate to disappoint and upset people.

    That said I also need to thank the kind members of the board, although like I said mine were noticeably absent - the cards the members had sent to me really helped me through a horrendous time in my life. I laid in bed so many days, feeling like my head was in a blender, wondering if there was something seriously wrong in my brain to make me feel so terrible that it got so bad that I even wrote goodbye letters to my children because I was convinced I had some sort of tumour and wouldn't see the next morning. The cards the members sent really did make me smile though and helped me get through it. We put all the pretty cards on my windowsill and on the back of my door so I could lay still in bed and look at them all when the room wasn't spinning.

    I also need to say that - although I don't remember who sent it - someone scent a recipe for sugar cookies that my son and daughter cooked with their grandma. My daughter reminds me endlessly about it and they remember the memories that day when her grandma got coated in flour when the tub fell out the cupboard. I cant thank them enough for that, hearing my 12 year old son laugh after being my carer for the last month really did make me smile and warm my heart.

    I'm sorry to have sent such a long letter but I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the members of the board and to explain my absence. I really hope you will not think less of me. I wanted so badly to be involved and to know that the members had all enjoyed the cards I sent as much as I had loved receiving them. We are still finding glitter and confetti!

    I was hoping to take part this year again and send that little bit of happiness back to them that they have given me but I can fully understand your reasoning and not allowing it. Please reassure the members that I have kept none of their names and addresses. The list was still unread in my inbox with your message but I know full well that it contained personal details so have deleted it straight away.

    I just wished to explain myself and to say how truly sorry I am. I hope your festive preparations are going well and I hope to speak to you on the boards again soon.

    Lots of Blessings to you and your family,

  2. Miss JoDee

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    Sammy, My husband has Meniere's Disease and it is awful. He went through so many tests etc. A low sodium diet, and diuretic medication has help. He drove truck for UPS and they had to pull him off the road and he was able to get some full time work last year. Wishing the worst is over for you and your days in dealing with it are done.
  3. Skippy1707

    Skippy1707 Member

    Thank You JoDee. It truly is one of the worst illnesses, I would never wish it on anyone. One minute I was sat fine, enjoying a bowl of soup and the next I felt like the whole room shifted sideways and have to call my son to ring my MIL to rush me to the doctors. Im on medication now called Prochlorperazine which treats dizziness, nausea and anxiety so I get everything treated all at once which seems to be helping. I tried Serc but found it wasnt as good but like you said with the diet changes etc - no caffeine, alcohol (I dont drink anyway though), fizzy drinks, salt, cheese, chocolate - it is more manageable now. I find that when Im stressed it effects me more though but I have just managed to return to part time work now. Can I ask does your husband get affected by white light as well? and I get floating spots n my eyes too which doesnt help the balance issues. Also I never knew you could get tinnitus as a deep sound as well as a high one until this came about!
  4. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Sammy....I wasn't part of last year's exchange, but your absence was understandable. I'm glad you are feeling better now, and I send wishes for continued good health and healing.
  5. Lana

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    Sammy, I am so sorry you had a rough year. Am glad you have found some medicine to help. I do not think anything about not receiving cards from people. In fact, I don't really know if I get them all or not, but I DO understand that things come up and at times people can not follow thru with things due to health reasons, family issues or whatever the case may be.
  6. Doodlebug

    Doodlebug Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry to hear that you had such a devastating Christmas time last year. It will be 4 years ago this Christmas season that I was unable to get cards out. My world came crashing in on me. My husband had an aortic dissection and he died 2 weeks before Christmas. I had taken my cards and addresses to the hospital with me to work on but the surgery, then stroke then his death. I just wasn't able to get them out. Things happen to the best of us that is so out of our control. Glad to see you posting again. Hang in there.
  7. Skippy1707

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    Doodlebug - Im so sorry for your loss - although I realise it has been 4 years - it surely cannot be easy. Ive never heard of an aortic dissection :-./ but thank you for your kind words and I am feeling somewhat functional now. I just didnt realise how many things can trigger and affect the condition - diet, weather in some cases makes it worse, being a girl (if you catch my jist) - its a whole new learning curve thats for sure.
  8. jollykelly

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    Sammy -
    I am so sorry you are going through this. I was in the card exchange and speaking for myself, I totally understand and do not keep a tick sheet of who does and does not send out the cards. I am glad to hear that you are on the mend and that my card may have brightened your day, if just for a moment. Isn't that what the Christmas spirit is all about?
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  9. Skippy1707

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    Exactly jolly Kelly.
    They made such a difference. Truly did share the Christmas spirit :) I'm hoping if I'm allowed to take part this year finally but I wasn't sure who to speak to about it as the organiser hadn't been decided yet
  10. MinnieCo

    MinnieCo Well-Known Member you girls have me all teary. I hope the cards we're able to brighten your days.
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