Better thread to use when sewing felt spheres?

Discussion in 'Seasonal Crafts' started by AuntJamelle, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    I could just kick myself for not making a note of it when I saw it, but somewhere on the wide web I think I read someone talking about that best kind of thread to use when sewing spheres in felt to prevent the seams from splitting.

    I've noticed that the items I've made for DS - felt play food like pears, strawberries, etc. are all splitting at the seams a bit now. Like the embroidery floss has just pulled right through the wool blend felt.

    I've been using regular cotton floss. Not sure if using polyester would be better, have more give?

    Maybe I'm just stuffing too tightly?

    I've tried to look around online but I haven't been able to find anything. Thought I'd ask you talented ladies! :) Since I'm here so much I'm hoping I read it here, lol!!!
  2. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    I want to make felt ornaments too, so I'm interested by the answer
  3. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    I've only ever see this trouble arise with tightly stuffed shapes, spheres mostly, of toys. Since they get played with the strain on the seams is way more than what you would ever see on an ornament.

    I've made tons and tons of felt ornaments and never had an issue with them lasting.

    Just the toys :)
  4. horsemama

    horsemama Member

    I would use regular polyester thread, or maybe even upholstery thread if it's a big item. It's stronger. Just my opinion. :)
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