Chirstmas In July (CIJ) Swap 2020

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    Here are the guidelines for the swap....Same as always.....Seems to be working!!!!

    The guidelines will be as follows:

    If you choose to participate we make the same ornament for all that has joined. In the past that has been 7-9 people. Each ornament should be wrapped and labeled who from. PLEASE keep in mind that the ornaments should be something that you, yourself would like to receive. The ornaments can be made with any material of your choice. (material, paper, yarn, clay, plastic canvas, if glass PLEASE take extreme care in packaging, or etc.) If glass please wrap securely. In the past we have had them broken. Since I just repackage when I get them I do not see the shape they are in or what the item is until we all open them. In fact I don't open mine until I know all has been received by others.

    If we would get several to join we will see if we would like to do one for all.

    When you have the ornaments completed, you will send them to me and I will swap them out. On the wrapped ornament itself or the packaging be sure to include your name so the receiver will know who made it.

    Please enclose with your package a money order or check made out for the amount that it cost to mail the package inside a sandwich baggie. I am also asking that an extra $1.50 be sent per participate to help cover extra postage if needed. Boxes will weigh different when items are swapped out with the items made from different materials. IF any postage is due back to you I WILL send it with your ornaments. Should you choose to send payment in cash that is your decision. I have sent money back to people in the past, depends on what is made. IN THE PAST I HAVE HAD TO PAY FOR ITEMS (a couple times) IN THE RETURNING DUE TO THE MONEY PUT IN IS ONLY $1.50, I DON'T MIND PAYING THE EXTRA BUT NOT FAIR TO OTHERS. If your package cost $2.00 to mail to me (wish right?) then in your package or if you forget and send later I should receive $3.50. I am sorry if I am not explaining it correctly. I DO send all money back to you that is due! I ask for the $1.50 extra because if everybody would send heavier items and then when it is all together it could be more than the actual mailing of yours.

    ********Sign up is now open and will close February 29th, 2020. This will give everyone about 4 months to create their ornaments and get them mailed to me.

    ********Ornaments must be to me by the end of June. (June 30, 2020) in order for me to get them swapped out and to the post office for delivery back to you by the end of July. I would hope to have them out the first or second week of July on the way to you. Seems the post office takes alittle longer on stuff at times!

    ********Ornaments will be back to you by the end of July. (Should be)

    ********Please PM me if you are interested and include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. The information will not be shared.

    ********I will send you my information, upon receiving yours.

    Hopefully we will have a good turn out and get some new ideals for different ornaments we can make for Christmas. If by chance people do not follow through it is possible that you could receive some of your ornaments back. It would be unlikely but has happened in the past!

    If you do not follow through after signing up, it could prevent you from being able to join other swaps at MHH. We DO understand circumstances that come up that we have no control over. Please just notify me. If you need alittle longer on your ornaments just contact me please. We are all pretty understanding on lifes happenings.

    I will keep everybody informed of when I receive your ornaments and the date that I am mailing the package back to you along with your tracking number. I even send reminders out to you.

    THANK YOU and I hope we have a GREAT turn out!!!!!!!!!!

    After receiving all packages I will open them and repack to mail back out. As I mentioned with them being wrapped I will not see the contents so therefore will not know what is sent in or out until I open mine in July also. WE have alot of talented people in our MHH family so the swap should be pleasing.
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    For the 2020 CIJ Swap the following has signed up:

    Pam G.
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    Thank you! My info is sent.
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    Got it
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    That's me, right?
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    Yep it is. Sorry, I should of put G..

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