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  1. candysprinkles

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    Do you have a smart phone, iphone, Droid or iPod touch?? Did you or will you use it for Christmas planning, playing holiday games, entertainment, shopping, Christmas radio stations, etc?? I would love to discuss and review apps you used, liked, hated, etc. My apps and reviews will be coming in the next post. Gotta grab my iPod. Hope you'll join me in this high tech Christmas discussion. ;)

    Before I lose the's an article I found about Christmas apps. I may try the snowglobe. Sounds kinda fun.
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  2. piratemamaof3boys

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    great idea. I love my smart phone and am always on the lookout for something fun and/or useful. Gonna check out the link

    I have 3 music on my phone I swap between. Pandora, slacker and tune in radio.
  3. candysprinkles

    candysprinkles New Member

    Here are the holiday apps I have used...

    Holidays Wallpaper (AIM APPS) FREE
    This has wallpapers for all the major holidays and seasons. I like to change my wallpaper about every month and a lot of times, this is my go to app.

    Tap Zoo: Christmas (Pocket Gems, Inc) FREE
    This game is similar to the type played on facebook. It is cute, I played it a few times. Personally, I'm kind of over the whole Farmville, Zoo, Cafe World, Mafia, type games. But, if you still like them, you will probably like this game.

    Angry Birds Seasons (Rovio) .99
    I love this game! So far, it has Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's versions. They have promised free updates in the future for other holidays.

    Christmas Countdown With Music (Energize Software) FREE
    307 days til Christmas. There are a lot of countdowns. I think the highest rated might be called Sleeps til Christmas. Maybe I'll check into that. but IDK, this one is OK.

    Xmas Radio (BluMediaLab) FREE
    This app has 23 Christmas radio stations. Many are links to internet stations like

    Xmas Sounds (?) FREE
    This has buttons for 16 Christmas sounds. There are sleigh bells, jingle bells, santa,ho ho ho, and some more. There is probably a better Christmas button app out there. This one is sort of lame, IMO.

    Xmas Tale (A Tab Tale Production) FREE
    Cute story, interactive book. Really good for maybe ages 3-5ish. You can read the story or have it read to you.

    Black Friday ( FREE
    I downloaded a few of these. I deleted all except this one. It has online deals year round and I liked the way it was organized better than the others.

    (More apps coming, next post)
  4. candysprinkles

    candysprinkles New Member

    Christmas WP (?) FREE
    This wallpaper app has over 200 Christmas screensavers. There are cute babies and animals in Christmas costumes, funny sayings, beautiful, elegant or funny pics, etc. A lot of variety for Christmas, but that is the only holiday for this app.

    CardStar FREE
    This is a shopping app, not exactly holiday. But, it stores all your loyalty cards. If you leave them at home or lose them, you can bring up the UPC and the clerk can scan it to get your discounts or points.

    Classic Novels 101 .99??
    I got this app more than a year ago when it was free. It has several complete classic novels including Charles Dickens, A Christmas Story.

    List Master .99
    This is a new app that I found this week. It is like tada lists, only available offline. I have brought all of my lists over to this app. I haven't done it yet, but it says you can import and export the files. The features I like on this can have lists with several columns, you can also make your lists festive (each line on the list can be color coded, or you can just rotate red, green, white for holiday lists.) The lists can be sorted several different ways, alphabetical, by priority, in the order you listed them, etc.

    There is another app that lets you take a picture of a UPC and see if you can find it online or in another store for a better price. My iPod doesn't have the camera and you can't get the data services for iPod only iPhone, so I don't have it. But, apparently you can still use it by typing in the UPC, I just haven't ever tried it yet. Has anybody tried this one??
  5. candysprinkles

    candysprinkles New Member

    Thanks for posting, Shannon. I have Pandora, Tune In Radio and iheartradio. Do you like slacker? I haven't tried/heard of it.
  6. piratemamaof3boys

    piratemamaof3boys Well-Known Member

    I like slacker ok. DH likes it best and has the premium membership on it. But I like Pandora, since I can make channels. I have heard of but not tried iheartradio yet.

    I have keyring for my loyalty cards and have used shopsavvy bar code scanner a few times. It was nice b/c I wanted dishes at Target and they didn't have enough so I scanned it and found out what other stores had them. HAve used it a few times to compair stuff.

    Talkingsanta is another fun one. It mimics what you say and you can "poke" him so the boys think it's funny. We have angry birds, and the holiday version they are free on the android.
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  7. candysprinkles

    candysprinkles New Member

    Talking Santa sounds kind of like the Spongebob Tickler app I have, you can poke him, stretch him, make him dance or jump. He says several different things, but doesn't repeat what you say. The little guy I babysit loves the SB app. I do have a set of ear buds with a microphone, so I might try Talking Santa.

    I searched snowglobe in the app store last night and there were about 100 different apps. Several were free and a few were .99 or 1.99. I downloaded a couple of the free apps. I put a pic of my kids getting ready to destroy a gingerbread house insde the globe and got a screenshot pic. It turned out pretty cute. I'll get online with my iPod later on and upload the pic to my photos here or to my album in the gallery.

    I also downloaded the Sleeps til Santa app. It has a few Christmas carols and more options for the countdown in days, by hours or seconds, or in a ticking countdown of days, hours, minutes and seconds. I will probably decide which of the two countdowns I like better and only keep one of them.

    I am thinking about an upgrade to an iPod with camera. My kids would be able to use the one I have now. I hate to get another when I've only had this one a little over a year, though.
  8. I just wanted to post about the "Holiday Countdown Widget" that I found for my droid phone.

    It can be downloaded in small, medium, or large size. I have the medium, so that the picture is twice the size of my regular widgets, but doesn't take up too much space.

    You get to choose the holidays you want to countdown to. My next one is Halloween, so there is a picture of a Jack-O-Lantern and number of days left. It's great because I get a little holiday picture whenever I look at my home page. I can change my holiday selection at any time.....columbus day, labor day, there are so many.

    Plus, when you click on the widget, it brings up a screen that gives you history on the holiday.

    LOVE IT !!!

    P. S. It's FREE!
  9. Colleen in PA

    Colleen in PA New Member

    I love this thread...I have used a Blackberry for years, but I am a newbie to the Apple apps...I just bought iPads for my business.

    My kids LOVE Angry Birds...Can I still download the Christmas one? Halloween? When I looked, the current seasonal one says summer.

    I can't wait to try the talking Santa. My younger son's speech therapist had me download several of the talking ones that repeat what you say to encourage him to verbalize more. His favorite is Roby the Robot, but we have a cat, giraffe and I think a dog as well.

    I'm also going to look at the snowglobe and maybe a countdown ticker!

    Do you by any chance know of any kids story books that are narrated? We have Thomas and Toy Story, but I'd love to find holiday ones for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Here's a really silly question...with so many apps available, what's the best way to find what you're looking for? I get so overwhelmed that unless someone tells me EXACTLY what to download (i.e., Angry Birds) I get frustrated and give up.
  10. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    I will tell DD about these.
  11. Saquilla

    Saquilla Member

    Oh I just got a smartphone yesterday (so chuffed!!)

    Will definately be having a look at some of these - thank you!!
  12. candysprinkles

    candysprinkles New Member

    Angry Bird Seasons is the one you want. I have the .99 paid version and it updates to include all of the seasons. My dad just got the paid version, too and he got the past seasons of Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, etc. I'm not sure if the previous seasons update if you get the free version since I never tried it. I love Angry Birds and already knew that you get so many more levels for the buck. ;)

    I do have an interactive Christmas Story book that reads the story to you. I will check on the name of the app for you.

    For organization, I use separate app pages or folders. So the first page is the dozen or so apps I use most every day. The next page has my 7yo sons fave apps, followed by a page of Christmas apps, a page of recipe and craft type apps etc. just in case you've never moved yours around...If you touch and hold down an app it sort of flashes and has an X. You can drag and drop them to a different page. (This works on ipod and iphone anyway...I don't have an ipad.)

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