Christmas in July 2020

Discussion in 'Christmas in July' started by The Hooves, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. The Hooves

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    In this crazy time right now, distract yourselves by doing some Christmas shopping. Check out our brand new merchandise in our brand new online store. Worldwide delivery too!!
  2. PamelaG

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    We've all been about plenty of notice lately - planning is paramount in these COVID-19 times whether it is for menus, using up freezer and pantry supplies, trips to the grocery store, homeschooling, coordinating our students at home tele-schooling, or other things that need to be done with advance planning. So, why not add Christmas in July to that list?

    That being said, has anyone been really thinking about it enough to want to take the lead on this year's plans? I've had one person step forward with the understanding that there may be others who are interested so here's your chance - please let me know by Friday, May 15 and we'll go from there. For anyone who is new, we usually split the month into weeks and publish a list of questions or suggested topics around a weekly theme. You can look back on previous years to get an idea. Most active members check in daily or weekly as we usually put up a new thread at the start of each week and then daily during the week. You can blog or vlog through CIJ and ut up a link if you like. It's a lot of fun to read everyone's plans, thoughts, and hopes for the holiday season this year.
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  3. MinnieCo

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    I was all in for a Christmas in July party this year and even bought supplies at Christmas because I decided on a theme then. Well this virus hits and I almost cancelled not knowing what to expect or if I should have my family and friends over. Well my nieces graduation has been moved to July 24th, so I know my daughter will be home for sure then over the CIJ weekend. Soooo the party is back on...even if it's just us!!!! But I'm hoping it will be something others can come to as well. It's going to be gingerbread themed!
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  4. PamelaG

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    Can't wait to hear all about it!
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  5. Holiday_Mom

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    I'm thinking if we can get into the next phase of reopening by mid July, I'd like to have my siblings over for a Christmas in July Party. I'm not sure we'll get to spend time together in December. Currently, we're suppose to spend a week with dh's family in July. If that is still on, I'm going to suggest that we have a Christmas theme that week.
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  6. MrsSoup

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    How fun! Maybe the kids and I will have a CIJ party one day in July!
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  7. The Hooves

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