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  1. DebbiGall

    DebbiGall Santa's Elves

    This week, we begin to build a Christmas planner to organize holiday chores, assess the state of the house, and prepare for Halloween festivities.

    Ready? Let's get organized for a stress-free Christmas season!

    To Do This Week
    • Follow the daily Countdown messages on the Web at Organized Christmas, on Twitter, or on Facebook.
    • Make the promise! Spend 15 minutes each day this week to get organized for Christmas.
    • Get comfortable for holiday planning--create a Christmas planning center in a cozy corner, desk or table.
    • Begin to assemble a Christmas planner, using a notebook or three-ring binder.
    • Decorate your planner! If you're using a clear pocket binder, print the Countdown planner cover and spine pages and insert into binder pockets. Get inspired to create a pretty notebook with Christmas planner tours and tutorials from Christmas Planner.
    • Add blank lined pages for any notes and records.
    • Print the Countdown plan calendar, and add it to your Christmas planner.
    • Print and post a family holiday calendar.
    • Values check! Review your family's holiday values privately, then a second time with family members. Print two copies of the Holiday Values Worksheet and record your findings.
    • Gift-buying looms! Start a master gift list. Print the master gift list and add it to your Christmas planner to record purchases and home-made gift items.
    • Begin a Christmas card list. Locate addresses, and consider making a computerized Christmas card address list for maximum time savings. Or, print a Christmas card list for your Christmas planner notebook.
    • Print a home spruce-up worksheet and complete the holiday home spruce-up exercise. Schedule any pre-holiday home improvement projects.
    • Will your family travel this holiday season? Make travel plans and reservations this week.
    • Will you host houseguests this year? Make arrangements for any overnight guests.
    • Make an appointment for family photo sessions for holiday giving or photo Christmas cards.
    • Schedule carpet cleaning now! As the holidays approach, business picks up. Call now for your choice of appointment times.
    • Declutter tabletops and public rooms before you decorate.
    • If you haven't done so already, decorate for Halloween or Harvest celebrations.
    To Read This Week
    To Buy This Week
    • Christmas cards or supplies for Christmas letters
    • Holiday stamps
    To Print This Week
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  2. DebbiGall

    DebbiGall Santa's Elves

    Christmas card list done, all I need are the Christmas card swaps addresses to be sent soon.
    I am working on gift list now.
  3. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Boy, this brings it home that Christmas really is just around the corner!
  4. Puternut

    Puternut Member

    We pass right by Halloween and T-day (one day events) except for the theater and feast for the two of us, and proceed directly on the Christmas, my interior is about 3/4 decorated soon to be finished, and outside is planned and getting a new delivery today (new 10' nativity) it's a lot of work but at least our big holiday event is one month long, not just one day.
  5. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Puternut can't wait to see your pictures!
  6. Holiday_Mom

    Holiday_Mom Well-Known Member

    I'm working on cards and trying to get a list together for the family.
  7. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    I worked on cards yesterday and made a plan. Just need to double check and address.

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