Cloudy FRIDAY 01-04-2019

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by housewife2, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    good morning have some errands to do today everyone have a good day
  2. cmerth

    cmerth Well-Known Member

    We actually have sunshine here. It is wonderful!

    I got up early and got tons done. Still have quite a bit left but need to wait until Kiddo is up (need to let the kid with the cold sleep).

    Suppose to be warm today (close to 60). If I am not too tired I want to walk to the post office. We shall see. Hubby left for work miserable... he got Kiddo's cold. Have a feeling he will be home early and will go to bed (and cover his head). :p

    Not much else to share. My dog is staring me down.... she wants to eat. Guess I better go. :rolleyes:
  3. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Good morning all! It's sunny here and in the 40's. Rain due tomorrow.

    Well, we are not leaving today - maybe tomorrow or maybe not until Monday. I have all my stuff ready - that's all I know. Just wondering if I should get more food.

    The only thing on the agenda is various decluttering. There was an article in the NYT :
    that discusses clutters affect on health and the fact that women are affected more by it (whether it is theirs or not) that men. Now isn't that a surprise!

    Carrie - glad you'll be able to get our today. Hope DS and DH are feeling better soon
    Faye - have a productive day!
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  4. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    Hi Faye!
    Carrie- Sounds like a productive day for you! Sorry your DH is sick now.
    Debbie- That information doesn't surprise me, clutter gives me anxiety. haha Will give that article a read!

    I have my second biofeedback appointment this morning downtown and i'm not looking forward to it. I really don't want to go at all. It's weird and uncomfortable. DD stayed the night at our friends and is going surfing and I would much rather go to the beach. I missed yoga last night so have yesterday's and today's sessions to do at some point. I was going to do yesterday's this morning but not looking like that is going to happen before I have to leave. I still need to get all the old food out of the refrigerator since it's trash day because DH won't do it when he gets back before he goes to work.

    This afternoon we have to go to the Brigade Commander's house for a holiday social. It's supposed to be an ugly sweater deal but neither of us own one. Our unit will only be there for half an hour I think to mingle and nibble on whatever they have to offer. Then DD has a parent/scout girl scout meeting this evening to talk about cookie season. Yay. :rolleyes:

    Enjoy your day!
  5. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    Got up and am getting my day started I want to head to Target and then get started on decluttering things downstairs to prepare for painting the room. Tomorrow or Sunday I will start packing Christmas away. :(

    Good morning Faye, Debbie and Jessica.
  6. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    i went to target i didnt see one thing from christmas left . took my outside decorations down and out them in the garage. sad but will look fwd to the other holidays , everyone is concerned about getting their tax return bc of the shutdown hopeful that will all be settled by then
  7. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Well-Known Member

    Good morning. I got up at 6, and then half an hour later I went back to bed...because I could. It felt good.

    DH is in the shower, and as soon as he is dressed we will go to the VA for his bloodwork. I'll treat him to breakfast or lunch somewhere while we're out. If I'm not too tired I hope to do a bit of grocery shopping - if not today, there's always tomorrow.

    Dsil & dgs took down the Christmas tree yesterday. I was kind of sad to see it go, but happy too. It was really dark in here with the tree right in front of the window. As soon as I move our car out of the garage Dsil can put all the Christmas totes on the high shelf where they belong.

    Have a great day everyone!
  8. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone.

    DGS#1 went to his house for a bit and is still there. DGS#2 came over for a while and ate lunch, but is back at home, too. I'll go get DGS#1 later. DDIL's mom said that was fine. It's giving me some time to get a few things done. Dishwasher is going. I straightened up the guest room. DGS is a "cover roller."

    We aren't going to Sam's today. It's cold here today, but the rain is gone. Tomorrow, we're supposed to be sunny and in the 60s....a much better day to go to Monroe. I hate that our time is running out and I have to go back to work Monday. We have one week left in this semester. I have to review with my students for their final. Three classes have a two-day cooking lab to complete, too. Like Katrina, I hate to wish the time away, but I hope the second half of the school year goes quickly. I'm ready to be finished with that phase of my life. Plus, it will be closer to when DD21 gets to come home! I miss her already....missed her before she was even on the plane!

    I have a box packed for DD21. I'm not sure how much space they have to store things, so I'm being very particular about what I'm sending. She has a busy schedule through Sunday getting ready for her first day of work Monday. They're under a winter storm warning through Sunday morning.

    I still need to put away all the Christmas stuff...tree is still up. I've been gathering and sitting together what little I had around the house...hoping I don't forget some things somewhere...always seems to.

    GrammaDeb, I did the same thing this morning. Got up at 5:30 to let the cats out and went back to bed. I slept LATE! Hope DH's bloodwork is okay.
    Carrie, sorry DS and DH are sick. Try to not catch their germs!
    Faye, hope you got your errands all done. Not looking forward to mine tomorrow. I would much rather be at home.
    Jody, I hope the painting goes well. I want to paint DD's room while she's gone. There are a few repairs we need to do in there, too. What color are you painting it?
    Jessica, I wouldn't like those tests, either. I need to have it done due to a prolapsed bladder, but am putting it off until I am retired. I'll probably spend my whole first year of retirement getting my body parts all checked out. haha!

    I better get off here and get busy. Hope you all have a great evening.
  9. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning to you all.
    Awake early as the dogs were barking at goodness know what. Am wanting to go back to bed too.
    Will get DH to pack away the tree and totes today and that is Christmas all gone for another year. It is hard for me to believe that we were celebrating Christmas just last week. Seems like it was a long time ago and so long until Christmas this year. As we know though time will go extremely quickly and we will be celebrating again before we know it.

    I have a few things to do today, will vacuum and tidy the 2 cupboards that I did not get to yesterday. As always there will be laundry to do. One of my goals for this year is to get onto the folding quickly so it doesn’t pile up.
    Trying to keep on top of all the little things.

    Hope that you are all keeping warm,
  10. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Hi again!

    My appointment didn't take as long this go round. I did some different exercises and am hoping that my next appointment will be my last since i'm doing so well and my major issue seems to be taken care of with the exercises already. I guess my authorization runs out at the end of this month so there's no need to get another one since i'm doing well.

    I came home and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, started Alice and picked up a bit. Changed my load of laundry over as well. I kind of have a headache starting so need to take some ibuprofen and try to head it off. I would love a nap but not sure that's going to happen. DH just got home early too and is calling about DS's vehicle. I guess he made a decision about having it looked at. Now we'll have to figure out how to get it down there.

    Jody- What color are you painting?
    Faye- I hadn't thought about tax return, but we don't usually file until February or March, it had better be fixed by then.
    Deb- Enjoy your breakfast or lunch out!
    Jane- I had to giggle when you said DGS is a cover roller. Sometimes Eli does that too and then when we go to tuck him in at night we have to try to sort out the blankets because they are such a mess. I always gather my decorations and put them on the table a day or two before I begin packing them away, that way if I miss something I have time to put it with everything else before the totes come out.
    Katrina- You reminded me that I have laundry in the dryer. haha
  11. p.a.

    p.a. Active Member

    Nice day here today,,snowismeltingfor now. I spent some time at the beach,,,I enjoy sitting outside even in winter.
    Brought the kiddies to macd's for lunch and to play,, still has a playground inside. They went home tired.
    Not sure of weekend plans but if its sunny again tom I'll be outside at some point.
    Jess glad your appt wasn't as bad
    Katrina I agree about the little things..I'm trying to keep my kitchen table cleared off
    Deb I'm always happy/sad to see the tree go
    Waving to everyone else
  12. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Had a fever during the night and today, feeling just awful :( I did declutter and shred some files and some wrapping odds and ends. ddil came by for lunch (had a frozen pot pie) and chicken soup from a can. tried to sleep this afternoon but just can't.
    updated Christmas review, goals for 2019, 2019 word of the year and 2019 craft list.
    that's it.
    Holding up on tylenols and Neti pot
  13. Miss JoDee

    Miss JoDee Well-Known Member

    The room will be painted a medium gray two of the walls have windows at ground level so we will paint above the ledge white as well as the ceiling and the full walls gray. we have a smaller room off the large family room that we will paint first to see if we like it. We need to lighten the room some as it tends to be dark.

    I did get the small room emptied and into the larger room will whittle away and organized the things packing things to leave this house. It is a lot of craft and sewing stuff but more than what I need. Hoping a get a call from some charity asking for donations to keep me motivated.

    Mom called today, she is having trouble walking, thinks she is going to be in a wheelchair soon. She commented when I was there that she would like to sell the house and move into an apartment. I am going to call my sister and talk to her about all 5 of kids meeting with her and helping her with the decision and making a plan. The thought of emptying her house is overwhelming. It will need to be done sometime. Uggh! I am thinking that is why she hasn't moved sooner.
  14. Ahorsesoul

    Ahorsesoul Santa's Elves

    Evening all MHHers

    I was up early to head for a hair cut. I had an oil scrap massage, hair wash, a trim and a dry along with some chai! Wonderful way to start the day.

    Then I stopped at a grocery store (to avoid doing paperwork). I picked up some gluten free pasta that was on sale but didn't see anything else. Then home to take a break (to avoid paperwork). Finally I started on the piles of paper I have been gathering up from all comers of the house. I have cleaned off half an 8 foot table. I have only two areas left to clean on it. I ordered Office 2019 (and it's downloaded), Quicken (downloaded) and I ordered TurboTax but it's not ready yet. I have sorta quickly a ton of photos and old genealogy paperwork. I filled out paperwork for DD and her job. A new company took over her work place so they sent us new employee paperwork. Had Dh take it in to them. Turns out none of the employees needed to fill out anything. Their info was just transferred. So the new company gets 10 black marks and it's just four days into they take over! lol

    I have three piles of papers for LC22 to sort for me into binders. One pile is recipes I've pulled out of the their binder. She loves paperwork and she's here for the weekend. She cooked dinner (Italian sausage burgers with onions, red peppers and fresh spinach). It was excellent.

    I'm going to attack some more piles of paper. I'm down to what's on my desk and the top of the file cabinet. I do need another file cabinet in my bedroom. One I have down their is rather bent in a few places. It needs to retire for something sleeker.

    I have ordered new file folders but that will wait for awhile. Right now I can just shut the file cabinet. No need to keep looking at it.

    This weekend the wood carver is coming to make a delivery of a reindeer snowman he carved. H posted a bunch of carved snowmen on Facebook and he said it was for sale. He's a nice kid so he will delivery it for me. I'm excited to add it to my collection of his works.

    Wishing you all a good night.
  15. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    DH and I went to IKEA. Got a few things including a kitchen sink for the laundry at the farm. Got a few things that I will use for Christmas gifts and a new bath mat.
    Got DD and BF a coffee table and side table for their birthdays. Home now and DH is fighting the Christmas tree, it does not want to go in its bag. I think we may need to look at a smaller tree in the next few years.

    Air con is on and I think I will spend the afternoon on the couch doing some crafts.
  16. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    I have a friend who has the earring that is in the little curved part inside her ear (don't know the name of it) that is for migraines. I thought of you the other day when I noticed it in her ear. Have you ever heard of people doing that? She's not the only person I know who has it.
  17. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone.

    The house is now Christmas free. DH put all the totes back into the attic, and the tree is in its box and will go to the storage shed when the flood is dried up. We had just barely under 5 inches of rain since Tuesday morning through last night.

    Both DGSs are staying at their house tonight with DIL's mom. All their "tech" games are over there, so my house is pretty boring to them. Oh, well. I'll go over around 2 tomorrow while she goes for some things at her church. I'll pick them up Sunday morning for church at our church, take them to lunch, and take them back, I suppose. DS and DDIL will be back Monday night. I think DGS#2 isn't going to school Monday, but I'll pick up DGS#1 and drop him off for school on my way to the high school.

    Katrina, what sink did you pick? When will y'all get to move to the farm?
    Diedra, I hate doing paper work. Bless your heart. I hope the new management company proves to be better than their first 4 days indicate.
    Jody, hard decisions ahead about your mom. Prayers about making the right ones. I can understand about cleaning out the house.
    Patti, glad you got to enjoy the sun. How far from the beach are you?

    I'm going to watch a recorded movie and head to bed. Hope you all have a good night.
  18. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Rain has come through and it has cooled way down. Will be nice for sleeping tonight.
    Spent the afternoon doing some crafts which was nice.

    Missjane, we got the fyndig sink. We will move to the farm in maybe another 5 years, it is our retirement place.

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