cloudy thursday 09/13/2018

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  1. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    good morning to all. went to kroger and got 3 pumpkins for my porch. going to the movies at 1 with my friend black klansman heard a lot about it so going to check it out. rain today off and on still hoping the storm doesnt hit here. hope everyone is safe from the storm
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  2. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member


    Enjoy the; movie HW2 and hope you don't get a lot of rain.

    Jane prayers for all.
  3. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member


    We finally received rain and wind from Olivia. It poured most of the night and the wind was crazy. Every time I woke up during the night I could hear the rain and wind. Nothing I left out blew away or moved, so that's good. We'll see what the neighborhood looks like in the light of day when we walk to the bus stop. The girls are riding the bus this morning because there's a band of storms coming in off the coast. DD has band after school and it's supposed to continue most of the day still I think.

    I'm pretty sure that Stroller Warriors will be cancelled for today but i'm still waiting to hear. If so then i'll have to do something on my own. Maybe a short run in between rain. I have my phone appointment with my instructor later this morning and then I can hopefully understand my math better and move on with my class.

    Enjoy your day!
  4. halimer

    halimer Well-Known Member

    Hi all. Cloudy here but a little better than yesterday.

    Didn't go to the game last night - first pitch wasn't until 9:45 pm - games have to get played now because the season is almost over. Will be going tonight and will meet DS and his friend there.

    Got a haircut this morning and I believe the laundry is finished for a while;). I might do some scrapping before DH and I head out.

    Jess - hope the rain and wind didn't mess up much.
    HW2 - enjoy the movie
    Lana - hi
  5. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Good morning to you all.
    Friday here.
    Dinner last night with the kids was lovely, we went to a local Vietnamese place. DD's BF and his parents on Tuesday for a 4 week trip to the U.S so it was a sort of see you soon dinner. I think I will be taking them to the airport on Tuesday and will drop them off and then head to work. I will also pick them up when they arrive home in mid October.

    Hair colour and cut for me today, and then home to do a bit of cleaning in the sun room. DS uses this room to watch movies etc and thought it would be a great opportunity to clean before he gets home from his holiday. I still have the weekend to finish it if I don't get it done today.
    A little cooler here this morning, have had the heat on for a while, I think that the weekend will also be cooler.

    Be safe in the path of the storms,
    Much love.
  6. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Evening! was awake at 4:00 yet again... dh just kept turning and tossing. :( Got to work and took a walk outside from 5:50 to 6:50, it was quite nice 13C.
    Finally moved this afternoon around 2:30... did not accomplish much as computer and screens had to be readjusted and missing some computer programs. tomorrow I'll start for good. I am quite happy to move. too many people are upset with how things are going where I was, so the atmosphere is heavy.
    Tomorrow sil is getting reoperated for her breast cancer - just called to wish her luck. My uncle is also getting operated in his neck - they will put in a plate and screws. A cw is getting operated for her eye-vision.
    DH has gone to his guitar lesson - they just started again tonight.
    DD says she might come this weekend.

  7. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    :( dd just talked to me on FB, she has been sick all week with her Crohn's disease . How I hate my children being sick!! She will meet with her doctor again tomorrow
  8. Pam Spaur

    Pam Spaur Well-Known Member

    Hello, Everyone!

    Well, this has been some kind of day! Reader's Digest version: my car is in the shop. Was getting ready to go to the thrift store, and my car engine would turn over but not run. I smelled gas. Long story short...a gas pump will need replacing. Hope it doesn't cost me much, because I haven't got much. It was just replaced a year or so ago. So, had to have the car towed in. Hope it is done tomorrow!

    Stephen said he and Mel are gonna try to work things out. Again. I think they are postponing the inevitable. Jennifer told him to tell his wife to never text her or her mother again. I am proud of her for sticking up for her old mama. She and her DH and DS are going to Pittsburg. She is speaking at a women's retreat.

    Guess I should see what I have for supper. Yes, it is after 8 p.m. But I wasn't hungry till now. Lol. My eyes are watering like crazy! And I am out of allergy pills. Sigh.

    Hope you are all having a good evening. See you tomorrow!
  9. MrsSoup

    MrsSoup Well-Known Member

    Lucie- Hope the doctor can give some better answers for DD and that she gets to feeling better soon.

    I made cookies this morning and watched some Netflix. Had my phone call with my instructor and now understand what I was doing wrong, stupid little things of course. haha I just took had a cup of hot chocolate and took a bubble bath and am getting ready to walk to the bus stop. DD texted earlier and asked if she could skip band and drop out of it altogether. I said no. It's an actual class in her schedule, she can't just drop out of it. She said it's boring. Really? I don't think so. We'll have a talk this evening. DS texted earlier and said he was finally going to ask a girl out. Lots going on today in my kids worlds.

    Seems the rain has finally stopped so i'm going to move all my porch furniture back out.
  10. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    Time for bed and I realized I hadn't stopped by - nothing much from Florence here, thank goodness, some rain, some wind and I suspect both will pick up tonight. Vic was off work at noon, we ran a few errands for some hurricane treats (not supplies, we're all stocked up there). Some scones from Whole Foods, chips and salsa from our favorite Mexican place, snack stuff since we'll no doubt be confined to the house tomorrow. We'll be watching the weather reports as long as we have power. Vic's off again next week if I can get him to the airport!
  11. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Hi, everyone.

    It's hot here, but the humidity is down a little, so it doesn't feel so hot. I planted 6 tomato plants, 12 broccoli plants, and some multiplying onion seeds. I thought I had some squash seed, but couldn't find them. I need to check on getting some mustard seeds to plant to have some for my Mama. We don't like them, I like to plant a few for her.

    I called the office of student affairs and DD21 can do a grade appeal for the classes that she failed. It may not change anything, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. It can help increase her GPA if the grades are changed and will give her a little boost in spirits, I hope.

    Even though 3 day work weeks are nice, I don't recommend too many. lol I work my tail off the days I'm there trying to cover everything I need to cover! Right now, I'm teaching consumer education to my FACS I class, and I wish they realized how important it is to their financial future. There's about just every day living!! UGH! So frustrating sometimes! Not enough time and not enough interest!

    Lana, hi...hope it was a good day at work.
    Katrina, I'll look and think, "We're doing good!" and first thing I know...poof...there goes all the extra money on "stuff". :confused: A hair cut and color always make a person feel better!
    Debbie, enjoy the game! Wish we lived close enough to go to major league games more often, but for DH, it would have to be the Cubs! :D We hope to get to Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium someday.
    Jess, glad things didn't get too bad. I'm watching the weather channel about Florence right now. If DD really, really doesn't like band, it's probably not too far into the school year to have her schedule changed...just saying. Maybe the girl interest will encourage DS to stay at school. ;) The last two years, DGS#2 had to be dragged to school (he's 7). This year, he likes a little girl in his class and goes with no problem! lol We have all laughed about it, but hey...whatever it takes sometimes! DH's niece is his teacher, and she was so proud. She thought she had cast the spell that made him want to be at school...hahaha! Then, she found out it is the little girl.
    HW2, yea for pumpkins!!! I have to wait until later or they rot from the heat! They've changed the path of the hurricane after it comes inland again. They were saying a Southwest turn, now they're saying northeast.
    Lucie, I hate when DH starts tossing and it wakes me up in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes, I just go get in the other bed. Sorry DD is having trouble. DH's brother had Crohn's. Glad they got you moved!
    Pam, praying the car doesn't cost too much. We have a local radio station where you can post needs (monetary, repair work, prayer, cars, washers, whatever you need really) and "good Samaritans" reach out to those people and help them. There should be something similar there, I would think. Check into it if things get too bad.
    Pamela, hunker down and stay safe!

    I better head off to bed. I need to leave here by 5:30 in the morning. Registration starts at 7:30 and the meeting at 8:00. It's business casual...I had hoped to wear jeans, such luck. Oh, well. I'll take clothes to change into and will probably go by DD's and change before the game.

    Night, everyone.
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  12. housewife2

    housewife2 Well-Known Member

    movie had great acting . shame that that stuff happened and sad that racism is still here in 2018

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