College Graduation on Cinco De Mayo

Discussion in 'Magical Parties' started by Sugarplum, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    My son graduates from University of South Florida in less than 2 weeks.

    Since we just had most of the family here for Easter, it will just be me, DH, DS, DD and DS's girlfriend. Maybe a friend or two from NJ might come down.

    Graduation is at 6 pm on Sunday night. Right during dinner time.

    I think I want to serve some kind of appetizers or snacks and drinks before we have to leave to go downtown. We need to be there at 5 pm, DS has to be there even earlier.

    Maybe a late lunch, something more substantial? I know how long those ceremonies are when you are hungry and thirsty. We might go out to eat afterwards, which could be at 9-10 pm.

    I know it's late to be trying to plan something but I was a bit burnt out from Easter.

    Any ideas?
  2. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    Robin, what about something with snack type foods?

    I have a great recipe for a chili dip that's used with Frito's corn chips...let's see if I can find it...Ah...found it.

    1 can tamales
    1 can (15 oz.) chili
    1 pound sharp cheddar cheese, grated
    2 pods garlic, grated
    1 large onion, grated
    1/4 cup Worcestersire sauce
    5 (or more, depending on desired hotness) drops Tabasco
    salt to taste (I find it doesn't need any)

    Mash tamales and add to chili in the top of a double boiler. Add grated cheese, then other ingredients. Stir constantly until cheese melts. Serve hot with corn chips. This can be kept warm in a crock pot. This freezes well, so it can be made ahead.

    Fruit Salsa
    I like to add about 2 Tablespoons of finely chopped jalapeno adds some spice and zing to it! The cinnamon chips can be made ahead and stored in an air tight container.

    Taco fixings are easy...meat can be kept warm in a crock pot. Toppings can be chopped ahead. Tortillas can be kept in a warmer or set next to the microwave to "nuke" as each person wants to eat.

    That's all in keeping with the Cinco de Mayo day. With everyone getting ready, everyone could eat as they have time.

    You could set up a small Sundae bar to go with it....self-serve. Just thoughts. Wish I had more.
  3. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    I think a mexican food filled lunch would be could do lighter fare.

    Congratulations to your son!
  4. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    Mexican? Why didn't I think of that, lol. That sounds perfect. I've had such a mental block so thank you guys very much!!
  5. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking about this on and off today. I finally got to talk to DS this afternoon. He does not want to go to a restaurant afterwards so I think I will definitely have a delicious cake from Publix, with the "Congrats Michael" written in icing on it. I like the ice cream idea too. Maybe I'll get some other yummy little treats from the bakery too.

    For the lunch, I like the dip idea. I might make my chicken enchiladas, I can do them ahead of time, and then the tacos too, make ahead with the crockpot keeping it warm. So that will work too Jane. I might have to try the fruit salsa for myself, lol. I might do some Mexican or yellow rice, chips and salsa along with the dip. I have a margarita pitcher set and glasses we received when we got married, so I will definitely bring that out.

    I'm gonna hit the Party City some day this week, and get some "grad" decorations, and a few "cinco" touches.

    I would really like to make this as special as I can. My sisters and I were teary talking about my son graduating. He was the "favorite" of our Mom and I really feel sad that she won't be here. My DS is the 3rd grandson to be graduating on my side of the family, and probably the only person to be graduating from a university on his father's side. It's taken him an extra year, but that seems to be the norm for the kids these days. All his friends have taken time off, either to work to earn money to pay, or to take extra classes.

    We've been able to put my son thru 5 years of college with not one penny in debt. He had a Florida Bright Futures scholarship that paid for 75% of all 5 years, and with grants, help from me, and pay from his job, he graduates with no loans. I can't tell you how incredibly proud I am of him. He will have a BA in history and a minor in art history.

    The cap and tassel are on the table in the living room, and the gown is hanging up on the shower rod to try and get rid of the wrinkles. I remember his high school graduation just like it was yesterday, and here it is 5 years later and we are about to go thru the same ceremony.

    Okay - enough nostalgia. What is it about milestones, lol?

    Anybody else having a graduation? Pre-school, Kindergarten (I got teary at my son's little pre-school ceremony!), middle school, high school. Such a special time in a child's life!
  6. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Sugarplum, all the MHH aunties are very proud of your son! :)
  7. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    Thanks Lucie!
  8. missjane

    missjane Well-Known Member

    No graduations here this year, but both DDs will be graduating in 2 from high school and one from college!

    I'm so glad we got to help inspire the meal's like we're an extension of the celebration. What an accomplishment for DS! He should be very proud of himself!!
  9. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    Jane, that will be something, a HS & College graduation together!

    It really helps to get some outside inspiration when you need it.
  10. piratemamaof3boys

    piratemamaof3boys Well-Known Member

    congrats to your son on such a great accomplishemtn! And to you doing it w/o debt. I am still paying on my college more yrs later than I want to admit....

    Esp now that you are not doing dinner I do like the idea of self serve but heavier food like the Mexican ideas listed. You can have soft tortillas, as well as fritos if somone wants to do it more of a salad.
    Then cake and icecream for dessert
  11. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    I am copying my post from Cinco de Mayo thread..

    I wish I could have done more but I was totally incapacitated with this bad tooth/nerve damage all week. I basically threw this together yesterday and today. Thank God for antibiotics and pain killers! Can't wait for my root canal (thru a cap) tomorrow a.m. ugh.

    On the menu:

    Chicken enchiladas (recipe with white sauce that I've posted before)
    Chicken & bean enchiladas with red sauce (recipe from Publix)
    Lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream as accompaniments
    Yellow rice
    Sausage & peppers (always good, no matter what occasion)
    Chips with salsa, and homemade guacamole
    Potato chips & onion dip, cheese puffs

    Sangria with fruit slices, cherries & cinnamon
    a few Mexican beers with lime slices
    Sodas and iced tea

    Chocolate cake I am baking this a.m., will write "Congrats Michael" on it for the grad.
    Chocolate chip cookies from the bakery.
    Sundae bar, with ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, mini reeses and mini rolos. (Thanks for that idea Missjane!).

    I plan to have the food at 2-3 pm for a late lunch. DS has to be at the university at 4 pm. We will leave for downtown around 4:45. Ceremony is at 6 pm, should be an hour and a half. Then afterwards, we will come back here. DS has a few friends that will be stopping by, I will have the leftovers if anyone is hungry, then we have cake and desserts, drinks and coffee.

    Okay, better get to work!
  12. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Robin you did a lot even if you weren't feeling good! I'm sure it'll be great.
    Would love to know how you do your sausages & peppers.

    Congrats to your ds!
  13. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    The sausage & peppers is easy.

    I usually buy 2 packs of mild sausage, about 8 links. Put in a pot covered with water, bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

    Drain sausages and cool so they can be handled. I cut sausages on the diagonal, 3 slices or you can leave whole. Brown in a large fry pan in a little olive oil, remove slices. Then I have about 1 whole onion (or more), sliced in rings and halved, 1-2 green peppers and/or red peppers sliced in rings and halved. Add to fry pan and cook until softened and browned, 10-15 minutes. Add 3 minced garlic cloves to pan, and return sausages to pan, cook a little long to meld flavors. Then I add enough red sauce (plain old spaghetti sauce) to coat everything. Then you can serve on hoagie rolls.

    I make ahead of time, then I can put it in the crockpot to serve.
  14. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    My son was very happy with his little party. He even cleaned up and put away all the food! It was a very special day!
  15. teachermomof2

    teachermomof2 Santa's Elves

    Congratulations to your son! I'm glad the party went well.
  16. PamelaG

    PamelaG Moderator Staff Member

    We've got Sophia's graduation coming up in this household as well. My sister arrives Saturday, June 8, DH's family arrives the afternoon of Sunday, June 9 so it will be a buffet of catered favorites that evening (Chinese and Filipino specialties - Sophia's favorites), yummy desserts and champagne, cards and gifts. She didn't want a cake, she'd rather have French macarons, petit fours and small sweet nibbles. I'm all over Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade for inspiration. Theme is Parisian so it's all pink and white and black with a splash of Audrey Hepburn here and there (don't ask how I'm going to accomplish that, I'm still working on it!) Graduation is 4pm on Monday, June 10 so the day will start with breakfast at our house - DH's family is staying at a hotel within walking distance. I've posted breakfast hours from 8am to 10am so they can straggle over whenever they like. Bagels, danish, cereal, juice, coffee. Sophia leaves for the ceremony at 2pm, we will all leave at 3pm (about ten minutes away) and then we're all heading out to dinner after the ceremony. Will most likely have sandwich fixings on hand for anyone who wants to eat between 10am and 3pm. Tuesday morning, all relatives are on the road for home and we're off to Busch Gardens with some friends who are flying down as a surprise for the graduation and then staying for the next week. Can we say Mom needs a massage after this week is over!!!!
  17. Sugarplum

    Sugarplum Well-Known Member

    Thanks Lisa!

    PamelaG-Sounds like a wonderful Grad weekend is planned!
  18. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Robin, that is something everyone would like here! (sausages & peppers)

    PamelaG, congrats to your dd for her graduation. Champagne, pink, white = fantastic!

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