Crafters Challenge January 7-January 13th, 2017

Discussion in 'Crafters Challenges' started by Lana, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    DJ - Absolutely LOVE the butterflies!!!

    Lucie - Sometimes plodding along is all we can do! I know I go at crafting in fits and bursts myself and then I hav lulls, just seems to be how it goes for me!

    I finished the anniversary card last night:

    Also finished the night sky design felt ornament, will be for one of DS's teachers Christmas 2018:

    Have the pieces for a mitten felt ornament and stocking shape felt ornament cut out and will try to work on those this weekend. Plus more cards! I'm going to try and get to JoAnn's today because I'm running low on white cardstock...but if that is all I buy when I'm there I'll be shocked!!! :rolleyes:
  2. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    AJ ~ Such a cute card, and the ornament is so pretty!

    I have the studio picked up as much as it will be for now. There is a stack of boxes hiding in the closet that need to be sorted after company leaves. The studio looks so nice that I'm starting to look for a new sewing machine table/cabinet. They are pretty pricey. I don't need one that folds up, so that feature isn't a big deal. DH and I are going to go to a local office furniture store that custom made a desk for us a couple of years ago. We got exactly what we wanted in size, configuration and finish at a very reasonable price compared to what we had looked at for much more money and not exactly what we needed. They are actually out of business, but we contacted another place where their employees now work; so we’re hoping their prices are as good. Maybe that’s why the first place went out of business though.
  3. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    AJ, I love the night sky ornament. It is lovely. The birthday cards are great.
  4. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the compliments. I rather liked the butterflies myself. :)

    Iris and I sewed nearly all day.

    First we made some machine embroidery unicorn hair clips for a friend of hers. I think Iris would like some for herself, so if we don't have time to make them before she leaves, I can make some for her for Valentine's Day maybe. She is taking a sewing class at school which she was disappointed that she will miss out on Tuesday, because she won't be home yet. She would have been making a pillowcase; so we made her a pillow with some scenic fabric from my stash that she liked. She still has to sew up the opening. Then she made a cloth cover for her hands on the computer when she's learning keyboarding. I'd never heard of that before. She used the serger for that project and then used the regular sewing machine with some decorative stitches in different color threads to decorate the fabric. She learned how to thread the sewing machine, and away she went on her own, picking different stitches and changing the color of thread. I'm amazed! She really loves the sewing machine. I told her she can go back to school and tell her sewing teacher that she used three different types of machines at Mimi's house. She still wants to make some penguin hair clips for some of her friends.

    Sonja's a stinker! I tell her if she hugs me, I'm going to have to tickle her. Works like a charm to get hugs and giggles!
  5. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    DD when I had my secretarial course (way-back-when) we had those to cover our hands, our teacher made them, they were like long bibs that covered everything so we had to learn our letters by heart

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