Crafters Challenge November 3rd---November 9th, 2019

Discussion in 'Crafters Challenges' started by Lana, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Welcome to November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting closer to Christmas and I find more I would like to make.

    Have any of you watched any of the you tube videos making stuff with Dollar Tree items? I have seen some cute ones the last couple days and did get some of the supplies. Hope to get a few more of the supplies and have to make for next year while they have the stuff if they do.

    Spell out the word Joy with 2 of the wire candy cane forms. One upside down and the other you cut in half and make the y and the O is a small greenery wreath. Wrap garland around wire form and they use lights on all and can be in or outside.

    Magnetic little boxes (to keep items in with a see thru top) can become shaker items.

    They show you how to make the canvas lighted pictures and lighted pictures using gift bags and frames. The lights, bags and frames all $1 so a nice gift if it works like they show.

    Tin boxes you put cookies in that has a see thru lid--makes a shadow box. I couldn't find any that didn't have something on the lid see thru part.

    Anyhoo, cute ideals (I thought) for some things but will table for next year or so lots of them. Just would like to get the supplies. The store I was in yesterday only had shopping baskets so couldn't hold and look at much.

    I got some fat quarters to make a couple doll blankets, and still need to do potholders, cord wraps and such.

    I would like to do stuff today BUT I am planning to clean my closet and it will take the whole day plus more than likely!!!!

    What are your plans for the week?????

    Sorry so long!

    HAPPY HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    Lana ~ I, too, glean many Christmas crafting ideas at this time of year. If I get my holiday crafting done ahead of schedule, I find that I just add more to try to accomplish. It’s great to plan ahead for next year. As we all know, it comes much sooner than we expect. I’m thinking about what Christmas cards to make for 2020. I did see some of the same YouTube Dollar Store videos you mentioned.

    The first project for this week is to get Sonja’s birthday package ready to mail. The next priority needs to be a prototype of the bodice of the Dirndl for Iris. We will be seeing her dad this week (at least that’s the plan), and he could take it back with him to do a fitting before I use the actual fabric. I would need to have that done by Wednesday.

    Also, as time/energy permits:
    • Cuddle throw
    • Growth Chart
    • BD cards (Valentin & Shirley)
    • Ornaments (4)
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  3. Rose94

    Rose94 Well-Known Member

    My list of must get done for Christmas

    () K pj’s
    ()M pj’s
    ()two capes
    ()2 dress up aprons
    ()mermaid tail
    ()gift card holders

    Evenings/Tv time-knitting on shawl or any hand sewing needed on the Christmas list
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  4. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    I love watching those videos... great ideas there.
    Working on baby blanket this week
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  5. GrammaDeb

    GrammaDeb Well-Known Member

    Pillowcase lace....
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  6. KimD

    KimD Well-Known Member

    Lana I love the dollar store ideas and have made a few, I have a few of the dollar store craft pages on my facebook.

    I posted a couple of ornaments I made yesterday on my facebook and have about 12 orders, plus to get my own done. Kenny has given me a pretty big order that I need done for when he is home at Thanksgiving all free to him of course. So trying to figure that stuff out so I can order what I need too.

    This week:
    design and cut decal for cup (in the process of designing now)
    second coat of epoxy on cup
    Glitter ornaments (now a million of them I have gotten a couple done since I have been out of work tonight)
    order brown glitter (for football themed ornaments
    Ornaments I know I can get done this week or in process of getting done
    blue baby's first Christmas
    Initial & name
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  7. Myron's Mom

    Myron's Mom Well-Known Member

    Lana, I love you tube. I often watch the dollar tree craft ones while I’m on the treadmill. I haven’t tried any of them though. They do make a lot of nice stuff.
    Still not any crafting here. Saturday my cousin and I went to the Vogue knitting show in Columbus. We were both surprised there weren’t a lot of vendors. the yarn was pretty pricey and not that many patterns for sale. We did have a good time. There was one vendor who sells fish leather (sounds strange I know). I bought a few small pieces for accents on my wallets and purses I want to make.
    this week I head back to Columbus for a edge to edge quilting class. I’ve already used the soft ware(I bought it for the class) on the Marshall quilt but I’m sure I’ll learn some handy tips.
    Have a productive week everyone.
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  8. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member


    Kim ~ It doesn't look like I have a ink to your FB page …

    Today I'm going to check out a new sewing machine, a small one for travelling. I actually want two identical ones; one for taking to Open Sew, classes and in the travel trailer, and one to leave at the lake. I want two that operate the same. Must be Pfaff for the IDT (integrated walking foot). I'm looking at the Quilt Ambition 630.
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  9. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    I too am watching a lot of youtube videos now. We do not have dollar tree here so in one way a blessing :)

    I will though try and grab anything thing that I want for next years crafts when I see then rather than waiting, fear of things being sold out,.
    DH has painted the knobs for the sign so will put those on this week and then attached the hanger, will be glad to get it done. At night I am knitting dish cloths.
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  10. Lana

    Lana Well-Known Member

    Found some supplies at Dollar Tree. Things I really wanted were sold out. They have boxes all over to unpack and said it was Christmas.
  11. FrostyShimmer

    FrostyShimmer Well-Known Member

    The craft store had bags of single colour beads on clearance, so I bought one of red and white. I think I'll do a craft with the girls and have them string them on pipecleaners to make candy canes.

    I also got that stuff you make to put yarn on....I think it's called plastic canvas? It's in the shape of a purse....folds up into a cute little clutch. I need to figure out what to do with them, but they'd make nice little bags for the girls.

    I finished DD6's little sleeveless ballet shrug top. It came out pretty well. Instead of the ties I crocheted a little loop and put a big heart-shaped button on the front.

    DD2's mittens were needed as she outgrew last year's so I had to take them out of my Christmas gift plans. Guess I'll have to make up another pair for her.

    I found a pattern online for a simple pullover in dk. I have so many scraps and 1/4 balls of DK weight yarn from over the years I think I'm going to make DD2 a sweater of many colours. If I have enough yarn I hope to do one for all of the girls...just a horribly mismatched blur of colour. I'm talking the kind of sweater they'll love to pull on on a cold day but wouldn't be caught dead leaving the house in. :)
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  12. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    It will be perfect and the girls will love them.
  13. Myron's Mom

    Myron's Mom Well-Known Member

    Dahlia, I wasn’t familiar with that machine so I looked it up. It looks like it would make a really nice travel machine. My friend has a Pfaff, I know she would buy another in a heartbeat.
    Frosty, love the idea of the multi color sweaters, I’m sure they will love them too.
    Had my edge to edge quilting class. So glad I went. The instructor had lots of handy tips and explained things much clearer than the book. Would have made things a little smoother doing the Marshall quilt. My sample I made is going to be a very nice cat bed lol. Just need to quilt one more row and throw a binding on it.
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  14. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    I've been so focused on other things that crafting has not really kicked back into gear for me yet. Need a final push before the big day!

    Have decided to do a Harry Potter themed ornament for DS - found a simple design that should be quick to make!

    Need to JUST FINISH the embroidery hoop wall hanging!!! And the stormtrooper felt ornament!

    If I can get those things done I may be able to squeeze in some other small projects for gifts this year. I also am starting to look ahead at DS's birthday party in Feb. Going to do Harry Potter theme this year (he is now officially obsessed!!! lol) and there are so many cute things to make for goodie bags, party games, etc.
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  15. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    Myron's Mom ~ Was your quilting class for a domestic machine or do you have a long arm? Any tips you care to share for quilting on a DM, I'm all ears!

    AJ ~ Can you share the Harry Potter ornament idea? DGD is also obsessed. Did you see the Hufflepuff House robe that we made? She wore it for Halloween. She's 10.

    I got the Dirndl bodice finished yesterday in scrap fabric for fitting. It looks pretty good. There are 8 curved seams in it. There will be twice that many in the actual dress as the top is full lined. There there's all the trim that I'll need to put on it. I might use some decorative stitches on my sewing machine for some of the trim on the skirt and apron. No wonder it costs so much to buy one.

    I hope to make a real start on the growth chart today. So far it's been mostly brainstorming. I think I'm ready to make the machine embroidery letters and maybe get brave enough to cut the fabric into the pieces I need. I can't figure out why I'm so hesitant to do it.
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  16. FrostyShimmer

    FrostyShimmer Well-Known Member

    For anyone in Canada, Mary Maxim has Boutique Sashay yarn on for $0.97. I bought enough balls to make ruffle scarves for all of DD6's friends at school and dance. I can knit two balls in a night as they make up fast, and I can get two little girl sized scarves out of a ball, so I'm aiming to do four per night.

    Aunt Jamelle - I'd also be interested in seeing the Harry Potter ornament daughters are big fans as well.
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  17. luludou

    luludou Well-Known Member

    Thans for the heads-up FS :) will go see that
  18. sweetpumkinpye

    sweetpumkinpye Well-Known Member

    Started another knitted dish cloth last night, it is knitted on the diagonal. I am enjoying the pattern. Thinking ahead to next Christmas I think they will be great gifts for my co workers.
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  19. Myron's Mom

    Myron's Mom Well-Known Member

    Dahlia, I wish I had a long arm lol. The quilting is done in the hoop and looks like long arm work. It’s by Amelie Scott designs ( edge to edge quilting). It has a start and stop points so you just match them up (simple explanation). The medium size design I used is about 6x11 I think. It’s pretty easy one you get the hang of it. Just a lot of hooping. This piece that I was working on In class is 36x36 inches for perspective. I’m very happy with it. I’m a very poor free motion quilter and kinda clumsy with ruler work. She doesn’t have borders or corners is the only draw back. Hope this helps.

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  20. DahliaDoll

    DahliaDoll Well-Known Member

    Myron's Mom ~ Looks like it's machine embroidery. Is that right? What you've done is wonderful!

    I picked up one of my new sewing machines today and am planning to go to Open Sew on Tuesday to give it a run for it's money! I might do some experimenting with some decorative stitches to try for the Dirndl.
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