Dill Pickles--quick and easy- one jar or many at a time

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    Diedra's Dill Pickles

    For each quart jar:

    In the bottom of the jar put
    Two cloves garlic and
    Two head of fresh dill
    Next, pack with whole small cucumber tightly.

    Add one Tablespoon canning salt
    Two Tablespoons sugar
    and 1/2 cup white vinegar.

    Fill the remainder of the jar with HOT water from the TAP!
    Clean off the rim and screw on the ring and lid.

    Shake the jar to loosen any salt and sugar from the bottom.

    Place jars in warm water in a boiling water bath to cover jars and lids.
    Heat just until the water start to come to a boil.
    Remove and let cool.

    Put any that did not seal in the refrig for eating.
    Let pickles set for six weeks. (I've never been able to wait that long. Maybe two days. lol)
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  2. piratemamaof3boys

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    I've done freeze bread and butter pickles but my kids like dill. Maybe I will try these
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    Thanks, Diedra!

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