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    Trying to change up the Easter Egg Hunt this year as the kids are getting older. Reduced candy this year (trying to work my way down gradually) as the Halloween and Christmas candy are still in the drawer. Chose candy they didn't get at other holidays. I do a scavenger hunt with clues and am always looking for new clue ideas (my standard is nursery rhymes with missing words but I've done it multiple times -- I need a new theme).

    Saw this link btw and it has great ideas (and the comments at the bottom have great ideas too -- one suggested Barbie Doll accessories for those with little girls!).


    I'm also adding money in this year to reduce the candy a bit. Single Dollars, not twenties! :) Got Rise of the Guardians on DVD this week for one of the Easter surprises. On sale at Target for $!3. Last year they got Hop. Anyone have any cool clue-themes or new stuffer ideas? What is going on in *your* Easter Egg baskets?
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    I hate to admit it but I hate doing Easter basket and stockings. I struggle b/c they don't need all that candy and don't eat all that candy. As boys they are past the matchbox cars but not old enough to appreciate toileteries. I don't collectively spend a lot of money so $10 gift cards for each are out of the question, they don't watch many movies ect ect ect. Can you see my delima? I did order them a lego bunny to build for each but past that and some standard candy, nothing. DH suggested a communal easter basket but I feel like they may miss out on something, it's not fair to them to have to share b/c they are young enough to care. Ugh and here I am with only 2 days left to figure it out.
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    Ahorsesoul -- I LOVE the idea of buying clues with Cadbury Eggs. I can make that work! I'd have to do that next year though as I do not do one big Easter Basket. I do a table display with goodies they wake up to and then the hunt. I want to reverse it so the basket is what is hidden with only jellybeans and clues inside the eggs. Would be so much easier. But it could be more expensive too so I have to think about that.

    Piratemama -- I hear you. That's why I switched out the candy so at least there are different brands but they will not eat it all. They are too old for the small toys, I'm not springing for video games or anything (the DVD is IT), and I don't want to use up all my stocking stuffer ideas. Thus I'm back to candy and money. If I can find a good set I will get a bunny cookie decorating set. That would be a little different.

    Thinking out loud, ..... If I did a big prepared basket for *each* of them like I want to (versus communal setting on the table) I would have to double up the items, wouldn't I? Would they each have to get a DVD? This could get expensive. Pondering.....
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    We usually do a basket for each child. This year I decided to forgo the junk toys and got them each something they actually wanted or would be happy with. DD is getting a Fairy Garden accessory kit since I told her we would make a fairy garden this spring and a package of Pokemon cards. DS is getting a binder with the page protectors that have pockets for cards and a double pack of Pokemon cards. Eli is getting a Play-Doh set and a package of Pokemon cards. They will each get a chocolate bunny (DS's is cookies and cream), an M&M egg, and some other little candy, not much though. We hide the baskets and hide eggs and they have to find them. I just got mini Snickers and Hershey eggs to put in the eggs this year. I may put quarters in some of them too.

    Shannon- I hate doing Easter baskets and stockings too. I suck at it. LOL We used to buy the already made baskets but haven't for a long time.
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    Easter Basket ideas

    New toothbrushes, it's time to change them probably
    fun toothpaste/mouthwash
    Stamps for making cards
    pack of cards with envelope
    inks for stamping
    How to play their favorite game book/cheat book
    New baseball glove/ball and or bat
    Plants to plant outside-they make really fun ones for kids. I saw snake gourds at one of the stores the other day. Foot long green beans. That sort of seeds.
    watering can and garden gloves
    Large container of water balloons
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    I did the crazy thing and asked the kids what they wanted on Easter, now that they were getting older. The answer was to leave it as it was -- only harder clues. (Still liking that Cadbury cash for clues idea -- I'm using that at some point).

    So it stays as the main display is on the table (the centerpiece is basically the inside of a large Easter basket. Flowers in the middle, surrounded by Easter Grass which is filled with treats. Next to that are their Easter Egg baskets with a single egg with Clue #1.

    (Aside: When I was a kid my mom made these beautiful Easter scenes inside of large hollowed out eggs and this is how she would display them. How I miss those. She used to make them with her sister out of cake decorating materials and they are both gone now. No photos or instructions how to make them.)

    They did say it would be fun if it was harder so that is my plan. Plus I'm a few new ideas to help replace candy. Love some of the ones I'm getting here! So cash is getting added into the eggs, an outdoor toy or 2 for Spring, and now I need a craft activity for them to do after the egg hunt (in the old days it was coloring books but they've outgrown them). They both want to watch an Easter movie. Easter cookies and egg dying will be tomorrow. Okay, it is coming together.....

    And I have white eggs in the fridge now.....
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    Our Easter was one of the memorable celebration ever!!

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