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Discussion in 'Magic Elves' started by Gingerbug, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Gingerbug

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    Last year our Twelve Day Elves became the newest additions to our growing elf family. Along with the Twelve Day Elves came "elf missions"

    I wanted to get away from the elves just bringing little gifts or getting into mischief. I wanted the 12 Day Elves to be different. They brought some "activities" like tickets to go see Frozen and a gift card for Chill (frozen yogurt place.) They also brought missions we had to do...

    Take cookies to three familes and sing to them

    Go to some locations around town and take pictures with the elves

    Look at lights and send Santa a report on the really good ones.

    I'm currently looking for more mission ideas.....I'd love to get some suggestions....everyone here is usually so creative. My goal is to have at least SIX missions....


  2. nicurn92

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  3. hollybow

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    Try googling *christmas activities* and you'll find tons of stuff...Luludou inspired my with a pin on pinterest for a christmas activity calendar...and I came across a lot of great ideas...
  4. luludou

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    :) :) Also thinking the RAK could be useful (Random acts of kindness). I also have a board on that, and one on the elves on my pinterest.
  5. Gingerbug

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    Yes will check out RAK....I know there are some for the holiday season. Good idea

  6. Minta

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    Other RAK ideas:

    Deliver some box of treats to local animal shelter
    Go Christmas Caroling in local Nursing home
    Place everyone's names in a bag and have each person draw a name without showing anyone else and preform a RAK for the person whose name you drew.
    Create peanutbutter bird seed balls to hang on your tree outside for the birds.

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