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Discussion in 'Magical Moments' started by angelpugs, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. angelpugs

    angelpugs Active Member

    As it's always a special moment here with my son as we watch the old christmas commercials the schick razor santa,budweisers horses,coka-cola Bears even though he is 26 we still take that moment put on youtube and watch these together.As we have shared this moment for years even at his age we still keep that spirit alive in our hearts.:gingerbread::merrychristmas:
  2. sloanmama

    sloanmama New Member

    What an awesome tradition to share! It's nice to have that one special thing you can always look forward to!
  3. angelpugs

    angelpugs Active Member

    It is a special time as i'll make the coffee folgers of course then we sit and watch these commercials and christmas eve we watch white christmas"as that's another tradition i feel very lucky that my son still holds those moments in his heart.:tree2::elf2:

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