February 2018 Rudolph Day

Discussion in 'Rudolph Day' started by PamelaG, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Love the cheeseball recipe! Finally got my Rudolph Day celebration in albeit a couple of days late. I watched the movie - cute, light and easy, one of those Hallmark-y types - I wanted to plan a trip to New York at Christmas within the first couple of scenes, it looks so festive there.

    This month's task was to start the holiday newsletter - check. I just set up a Word document and jotted down a few notes for January/February - plans for Okinawa/Washington, Vic's first travel, Sophia's graduation coming up. I also took a look at my mailing list and moved some people from the card list to the Facebook-only list. I bought Christmas cards at Barnes & Noble's 75% off sale (plus another discount with my B & N membership) - what a deal so I'm all set for this year. I also updated the gift closet list since I'd picked up a few things during the month.

    Jody (Miss JoDee) and I have been working on the Christmas in July themes for 2018. We took all of the suggestions from the Looking Ahead to Christmas in July 2018 thread, added in a few more things, and tweaked it to come up with the final product. I'll put it up later today - four months planning time should be good, right?
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  3. sweetpumkinpye

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    Rudy Day has come and gone. Did not achieve too much. Updated planner and shopping lists, made a list for my FIL (will do a food hamper).
    Packed away a few things in the gift closet.
    All in all a good day.
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    I blinked and missed it.
    Rudi Day for me did not happen BUT I have been diligently working on lots of Christmas bits through the month.

    I have got the movie sorted to watch this weekend.
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    Tanya, I remember the first weeks of school going very quickly. Glad that you have been able to do some Christmas prep.
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